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The Department “Automation and Electric Supply” trains specialists in the field of design, research, building automation and control systems and construction production, power supply systems and low-current systems (security systems, communications, access control, etc.).

The main lecture courses are devoted to automation and control of heat and gas system systems, automation and control of water supply and waste water disposal systems, automation of technological processes, power supply, communication system design, control system design and access control management , multimedia systems design, automated fire protection systems design, structured cabling system.

The subjects of the course paper and graduation paper are closely related to the actual design and solutions for specific engineering problems in construction and design companies in Moscow. The students have an internship in the leading design and engineering companies in Moscow and the Moscow region.

At the Department there is a scientific and educational center "Information systems and intelligent automation in construction" (laboratory "Smart city"). There is also student design bureau in the laboratory , where senior students participate in the development of projects and research works.

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