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1. Innovative technologies for the reconstruction and overhaul of buildings, structures and objects of the housing maintenance and utilities complex.

2. Methods of reconstruction of urban development through innovative technologies in urban planning and housing and utilities sector.

3. Integrated development of underground space, taking into account current trends in the development of megacities.

4. Improving the normative and technical documentation in the field of housing and public utilities and urban infrastructure.

5. Innovative design and technological solutions in housing and public utilities.

6. Engineering measures to the protect objects belonging to housing and communal services from natural and man-made impacts.

7. Improving urban planning solutions for the urban upgrading.

8. Methods of forecasting and assessing hazards in the field of utility services.

9. Energy efficient design and technological solutions for the operation of housing and public utilities facilities.

10. Innovative methods of organization of the construction and reconstruction of housing and public utilities facilities and urban infrastructure.

11. Organizational basics of operation of housing and utilities facilities.

12. Innovative organizational and technological solutions for the renovation of urban areas.

13. Problems and prospects of development of small cities.

14. Assessment of reliability and increase in the durability of building structures during maintenance.

15. Monitoring and forecasting of housing and utilities objects.

16. Management of investment and construction programs in the housing and utilities sector.

17. Territorial-spatial development of the living environment of historically established cities.

Every year employees of the Department participate in scientific conferences, symposia and other events with awards for the high level of scientific work. Traditionally, the Department participates in international scientific events. There are many scientific publications in international databases.

The teaching staff of the Department supervise the research work of students. On the basis of the results obtained, students prepare research papers for participation in student conferences. The scientific and technical conference "Student science" is held annually, the winners take part in the forum "Youth innovations".

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