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The Department of water supply and wastewater disposal is a department that supervises the graduation papers of the students (graduating department).

Current BSc program is 08.03.01 "Construction", profile of heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply and water disposal of buildings, structures, settlements."

Current MSc program is 08.04.01 "Construction", profile "Water supply and water disposal of cities and industrial enterprises".

Current postgraduate (PhD) program is 08.06.01 "Engineering and construction technologies", profile "Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection".

The Department conducts research activities, implements programs of additional professional education under the following directions: research and modeling of water supply and distribution systems; research of modern methods of surface and underground water treatment for drinking and technical water supply; improvement of biological wastewater treatment facilities; research of methods of deep wastewater treatment from nitrogen and phosphorus compounds; membrane technologies in natural and wastewater treatment; trenchless technologies of construction and reconstruction of water supply and drainage networks; reliability of water supply systems etc.

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