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The Department carries out scientific work in the following priority areas of science and technology of the Russian Federation:

· Energy-saving technologies

· Ecology and rational water use

· Life support and human protection systems

· Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

· Membrane technologies

· Technologies of processing and utilization of technogenic formations and waste

Main directions of scientific activity are:

· Systems of engineering support of buildings, buildings and populated areas

· Design and calculation of water supply networks by providing them with a high degree of reliability

· Improvement of approaches to renovation and construction of pipelines for water supply and wastewater trenchless methods

· Upgrade and calculation of systems of supply and distribution of water in buildings

· Energy saving system of water supply and sanitation

· Development of systems for purification and conditioning of tap water

· Modern technology of purification of natural and waste waters

· Intensification of processes of water treatment and reconstruction of systems and facilities of water supply

· Improvement of membrane methods of natural water purification. 

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