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The department of water supply and water disposal was established in 2016 when two departments of water supply and of wastewater disposal and water ecology were united. Today the department of water supply and water disposal is a powerful team of recognized and highly qualified scientists and teachers, which, along with professional knowledge, forms students' respect for natural water resources, responsible attitude to solving problems of water supply and sanitation and the desire to improve the industry. The Department of water supply and water disposal uses a complex of well-equipped laboratories and specialized classrooms for its’ educational and scientific tasks in the field of developing of new processes, facilities and technologies for the needs of water sector. Solution of these engineering problems requires special knowledge of hydraulics, chemistry, microbiology, environmental engineering and technology etc. All these disciplines are targeted at forming of harmonious system of knowledge for students of all educational levels (bachelor, master, postgraduate). Moreover, the department has strong links with the leading enterprises of water sector in Russia that is very helpful for future career prospects of university graduates.

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