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The Department of "Ventilation and Heat and Gas Supply"(TGV) of the Moscow state civil engineering University was established in 2016 by merging the departments of" Heat and heat and gas supply "(TTGS) and" Heating and ventilation " (OIV). Nowadays, the Department of TGV is considered one of the most active and new departments in MGSU. The Department trains specialists in the field of equipment and systems of heat and gas supply, heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning of residential, public and industrial buildings. A wide range of research conducted at the Department is explained by the close relationship with the production. Many employees of the Department combine teaching with work in research and design companies. They are also members of the scientific and technical councils and permanent consultants of specialized departments, institutes and construction companies. The main fields of the Department are research in building thermal physics; heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling of buildings for various purposes; heat and gas supply systems and boiler plants; energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies.

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