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The Department is currently dealing with the following scientific problems:

· Development projects implementation management;

· Expertise and property management;

· Housing and utilities facilities and municipal infrastructure, etc.

The Department staff members took active part in an international scientific conference devoted to the economic and environmental problems in construction and real estate held in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in 2018. Representatives of 17 countries participated in the conference. Following the conference results the Chair staff published academic papers which have been indexed in the Scopus system. More than 130 academic papers indexed in Scopus and the Web of Science have been published by the Department staff for the last few years. The Department regularly holds scientific and practical events for specialists in the field of Housing and utilities infrastructure, property management, judicial construction and technical expertise, development etc. The Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Municipal Economy Management and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Modernization" was held in October 2018.

The students’ scientific society "Integros" has been functioning on the basis of the Department for more than 10 years. The scientific research area is aimed at integration processes which should be conducted by economists, facilitators, engineers working on information technology platforms.

The Department has been running an international scientific and technical journal "Property: Economics, Management" since 2002. The journal is published quarterly in two languages ​​(Russian and English) and included both in the Rospechat catalogue and in the publication index recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation.

In 2014 the Master's programmes implemented at the Department as well as the retraining programme for Business Evaluation were accredited by the RICS (Russia Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS, Great Britain)), a leading international organization embodying experts in the field of construction and property.

Annually the Department holds the Russian competition of Graduation Thesis in the specialization "Property expertise and management." The competition is held on-line, providing the credibility of assessment results.

Department staff members take part in the Annual Urban Planning Competition of the Construction Ministry of the Russian Federation as subcommittee experts in two nominations: "Best Implemented Project on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage" and "Best Implemented Project on Low-Rise Buildings Area Comprehensive Development".

For the last few years the Department have published the following textbooks “Surveying: Organization, Expertise, Management” (3 volumes), “Construction Management and Property Development” (2 volumes, 2018), “Economics and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Management” ( 2018).

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