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The Department of Management and Innovations trains bachelors in two directions:

a). Management, profile " Management in the investment and construction sector»;

The graduate is capable of professional activity in the investment and construction sector on the basis of knowledge in the field of management in general, including business value management; modern management technologies, including budgeting, risk management, innovation management; methods of formation, implementation and evaluation of investment projects.

b). State and municipal management, profile "Regional and municipal management".

The graduate has knowledge in the field of state and municipal management, regional development and management of state and municipal property, the graduate is able to develop and implement socio-economic projects, simulate administrative processes.

Training of masters is conducted in the direction of training"Management", master's program " Financial management at the enterprises of investment and construction sphere».

The graduate of the master's program is a socially responsible financial manager, combining modern values of personality as well as knowledge of theoretical foundations of corporate finance and financial management with the knowledge of applied financial disciplines and the use of mathematical tools.

The Department also trains postgraduates in the direction of training "Economics", the program "Economics and management in construction and real estate."

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