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The Department was formed in 2004 with the original name "Financial management". The Department acquired its current name of "Management and Innovations" in 2011.

At the present time the Department of Management and Innovations brings together more than 30 highly qualified teachers, including: 4 professors, 18 associate professors, 7 senior teachers and 1 teacher.

The Department of Management and Innovations provides high-quality basic education for future managers of investment and construction companies and employees of regional and state authorities. For those who continue their studies, the Department offers a master's program of training and postgraduate studies.

The students of the Department acquire professional competencies both during training, receiving comprehensive theoretical knowledge in their areas of training, and during the period of practical training, gaining practical skills in the largest companies in the investment and construction sector, working in the Moscow region as well as in public authorities.

The educational project "MBA in Construction” has been successfully operating on the basis of the Department since 2006. This is a unique prestigious business education for top managers and business owners in the construction industry. Today more than 600 graduates of the program successfully work in construction companies.

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