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The main areas of the research work of the department:

• Investigation of the trends in the investment and construction sphere, its organizational forms and relations of participants;

• Methodological support for the sustainable development of investment and construction entities;

• Development of methodological approaches to evaluating the performance of a construction organization;

• Study of investment and construction processes, development of methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investments and investment mechanisms of construction organizations;

• Modernization of methods for evaluating and managing investment and construction projects;

• Development of a marketing strategy for entities in the investment and construction sector and its provision;

• Modeling, forecasting and evaluation of innovation activity, development of innovation policy mechanisms for investment and construction entities;

• Streamlining the activity of housing and communal services.

Over the past three years 10 Candidates of Sciences (PhD) in Economics and one Doctor of Economic Sciences have prepared and successfully defended their dissertations at the department. In the same period, the teachers of the department have prepared a lot of articles, monographs, a textbook, tutorials and study guides in a number of specialized disciplines. Every year the department publishes a collection of scientific works of the academic staff of the department, conducts seminars and conferences for young scientists, and takes an active part in international scientific conferences held by the university.

The academic staff of the department conducts active publishing activity, annually publishing dozens of articles in journals reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, as well as WoS and Scopus articles. The academic staff of the department has a very high citation rate.

Hirsch indices of the department staff: Silka D. N. - 21, Lukmanova I. G. - 19, Kankhva V. S. - 15, Larionov A. N. - 14, Mishlanova M. Yu. - 7, Blagodatskaya A. A - 6, Papelnyuk O. V. - 6, Dikareva V. A. - 5, Alekseeva T. R. - 4, Alpatskaya I. E. - 4, Matusevich A. P. - 4, Revunova S. V. - 4, Syzrantsev G. A. - 4, Karmokova K. I. - 3, Sobolev E. A. - 3, Bovsunovskaya M. P. - 2, Kunyaev N. Ye. - 2, Misailov A. Yu. - 2, Nidziy E.N. - 2, Politi V.V. - 2, Fedosina A.V. – 2.

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