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The year of 1947 may be considered as the date of birth of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction, when at the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering named after V.V. Kuybyshev the Department of Economics and Construction Organization was set up. This Department existed for 42 years and was divided into two departments in 1989, as a result, a very popular and relevant Department of Economics and Management in Construction appeared. The country's transition to market relations in the early 1990s. demanded a new look at the economic processes of investment and construction activities. The department conducted rich and active scientific and pedagogical work. The textbook "Construction Economics", the author team of which consisted of leading teachers of the department, went through 5 editions. Research work was actively conducted, student scientific conferences were held annually. Many of the results of that work formed the basis of the state system of legal regulation in construction. In succeeding years, the department continued to develop, young scientists came to work, the scientific potential of the academic staff constantly increased, and theses were defended.

Since 2015 the department has been headed by Associate Professor Silka Dmitry Nikolayevich, Doctor of Sciences in Economics. At present the department has a large number of promising young scientists, trained on its own base. New electronic educational technologies are being actively introduced in the teaching process of the department. 

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