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The Department of Social, Psychological and Legal communications (SPPC) was founded on September 1, 2014 as a result of unifying of three fields into a structural unit: sociological (Department of political science and sociology); psychological (Department of psychology); legal (the disciplines of laws). The Department is headed by Alexander Dmitrievich Ishkov, a graduate of the mechanical department of the Moscow Institute of Chemical engineering, the department of psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Open University Business School in Great Britain, a Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation. Nowadays, the Department of social, psychological and legal communications has the following teaching staff: 1 Professor, 13 associate professors, 4 senior lecturer, 1 lecturer. There are 3 people working as auxiliary educational stuff including a laboratory chief and two laboratory assistants.

The aim of the Department is to train qualified engineers, economists, managers, specialists in information technology for civil engineering field, with a wide range of social skills necessary for professional activities. One of the key goals of the Department is the development of modern pedagogical methods. The Department has created a center for improving engineering education. The teaching staff conducts research in the field of new pedagogical technologies, develops innovative methods of teaching and learning.

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