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The Department of Information systems, technologies and automation in construction (ISTAS) brings together more than 40 highly qualified scientists and experts with extensive practical experience in the field of creation and use of information and intelligent technologies for organization, management in construction and architectural design. We invite you to a special world of science and innovation, creativity and systems thinking, the most promising professional areas of human activity today and in the future. It is impossible to imagine modern society outside the information space. The construction industry is saturated with information and computing technologies.

Our graduates – IT-specialists acquire the necessary knowledge for the formulation of design and management tasks in construction, analysis skills and modeling. Teachers of the Department together with students conduct research on the most pressing issues of informatization in construction. Students have the opportunity to undergo practical training in the leading organizations of the industry, training in advanced scientific, including foreign, partner centers of the Department, specializing in computer science, system analysis and automation in construction.

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