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The main fields of the research work of the Department are as follows:

• Investigation of the trends in the investment and construction sphere, its organizational forms and relations of participants;

• Methodological support for the sustainable development of investment and construction entities;

• Development of methodological approaches to evaluating the performance of a construction organization;

• Study of investment and construction processes, development of methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investments and investment mechanisms of construction organizations;

• Modernization of methods for evaluating and managing investment and construction projects;

• Development of a marketing strategy for entities in the investment and construction sector and its provision;

• Modeling, forecasting and evaluation of innovation activity, development of innovation policy mechanisms for investment and construction entities;

• Streamlining the activity of housing and communal services.

The Department experienced a period of active development and formation as one of the leading in MISI under the leadership of Professor A.K. Schreiber. On his initiative, the Central Research Laboratory of Organization and Economics in Construction was created at the Department, in which over 200 full-time researchers as well as part-time teachers and graduate students of the Department worked. The Laboratory was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Vladimir M. Pisarevskiy.

For a long time, such famous scientists-economists collaborated with the Department as the Chairman of the Moscow branch of the USSR Stroybank, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate ProfessorG.M. Sokolov; Director of the Research Institute of Construction Economics of the USSR Gosstroy Professor P.B. Gorbushin; D.Sc. Economics, ProfessorYa.A. Rekitar; Director of All-Union Research and Design Institute of Labor in Construction, Professor V.I. Maltsev; his deputy, D.Sc. Economics, Professor P.S. Sapozhnikov and others.

From 2009 to 2015 the Department led by I.G. Lukmanova actively carried out research activities (responsible M.Y. Mishlanova); the working group of the educational and methodological commission functioned (O.I. Saltykova, A.A. Karpenko, V.V. Politi, E.S. Erina, A.F. Trebukhin); a collection of scientific works of the Department was published annually (responsible V.V. Politi, V.K. Alekhina, L.N. Vychugzhanina). Dissertation Сouncil for the defense of Candidate and Doctoral dissertations on Economic Science D.212.138.05 resumed work and functioned actively. The Chairman of the Council was I.G. Lukmanova; - Ph.D., Associate Professor G.L. Isaeva was the Scientific Secretary; since 2007 the Scientific Secretary of the Council is Ph.D., Associate Professor, M.Yu. Mishlanova.

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