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The history of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction dates back to the first post-war years as personnel of all construction specialties and fields, from qualified workers, craftsmen and foremen to engineers and heads of enterprises of all levels, were especially highly demanded in the war-torn country.

In 1947 the Department of Economics and Construction Organization was formed at the MISI named after V.V. Kuibyshev. Itsmain strategic goal was to train qualified engineers - organizers of construction production with good economic background.

The first Head of the Department was D.Eng.Sc. Boris S. Ukhov,. Later the Department was headed by famous scientists in the field of civil engineering: Ph.D. in Eng.Sc., Professor Nikolai I. Pentkovskiy; D.Eng.Sc., ProfessorAndrey K. Schreiber; D.Eng.Sc., Professor Yuriy B. Monfred ; D.Eng.Sc., ProfessorTrofim N. Tsai.

The Department experienced a period of active development and formation as one of the leading in MISI under the leadership of Professor A.K. Schreiber.On his initiative, the Central Research Laboratory of Organization and Economics in Construction was created at the Department, in which over 200 full-time researchers as well as part-time teachers and graduate students of the Department worked. The Laboratory was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Vladimir M. Pisarevskiy.

D.Eng.Sc., Professor Andrei K. Schreiber graduated from the MISI named after V.V. Kuibyshev in 1948. Having graduated, he worked on the construction of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, industrial and civilian facilities in Tula; acted as years the Deputy Head of Glavmosstroy, where he supervised the construction of a number of Olympic 80 facilities, experimental and unique construction objects for 11.In the same time period, under the leadership of A.K. Schreiber, an experimental building of the Salyut Hotel, a 25-story frameless one made of panels made by the "rental" method was built in the south-west of Moscow; the design of the 15-storey building of the Central Archive was carried out with a method of "raising floors"; the Design Department was formed, which contributed to relocation of a number of buildings; a new installation method using manipulators was introduced at the construction of residential building No. 1 on Kaluga Square. Professor Schreiber headed the Department of Economics and Management in Construction at MISI in 1967 – 1984 and worked in Glavmosstroy in 1984 - 1995.

Department of Economics and Management in Construction, 1972

For a long time A.K. Schreiber headed the department at the State Academy of Investment Specialists. Under his scientific supervision 32 graduate students and applicants defended their Ph.D. dissertations, 5 of his students got titles of Doctors of Sciences. He published over 180 scientific articles, monographs, textbooks. Today A.K. Schreiber continues his active pedagogical and scientific activity. He is a member of a number of Scientific and Methodological Councils, a member of the Council of Veterans of Builders of Moscow, a member of the editorial board of the journal "Economics of Construction".

In those years about 100 graduate students of civil engineering universities of different cities and republics of the former Union studied at the graduate school of the Department. A.K. Schreiber managed to attract the most famous specialists and professionals of the construction industry to work for the Department.

The Hero of Socialist Labor, order bearer, Professor Ivan V. Komzin, who during the war years headed the construction of naval bases in the Baltic, supervised the construction of the Volga-Don Canal and the Aswan hydroelectric power station in Egypt, as well as many other large objects of national importance worked at the Department those years.

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Aleksandr A. Gusakov, who is known as the founder of engineering system in construction, author of many books, monographs and textbooks that are still in demand in construction science, also worked at the Department.

The first at MISI-MGSU Doctor of Economics, Professor Leontiy D. Boguslavskiy was one of the initiators of the economic direction development at the Department. Specialists from the leadership of the USSR Gosstroy, the RSFSR Gosplan, Heads of the Research Institute of Construction Economics of the USSR Gosstroy, the USSR Construction Bank and other major Moscow construction institutions, organizations and research institutes were part-time workers at the Department.

For a long time, such famous scientists-economists collaborated with the Department as the Chairman of the Moscow branch of the USSR Stroybank, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate ProfessorG.M. Sokolov; Director of the Research Institute of Construction Economics of the USSR Gosstroy Professor P.B. Gorbushin; D.Sc. Economics, ProfessorYa.A. Rekitar; Director of All-Union Research and Design Institute of Labor in Construction, Professor V.I. Maltsev; his deputy, D.Sc. Economics, Professor P.S. Sapozhnikov and others.

Graduate students of MISI-MGSU remember such excellent teachers of the Department as L.I. Abramov, R.A. Volchanskiy, N.A. Dembovskiy, S.M. Dumanyan, K.G. Romanova, A.E. Leibman, R.M. Merkin, S.M. Pavlov and many others.

As Professor A.K. Schreiber was appointedthe leading position in Glavmosstroy in 1984, a well-known scientist and designer, founder of methods of buildings relocation in Moscow, a specialist in the field of large-panel housing construction, D.Eng.Sc., Professor Yuriy B. Monfred became the Head of the Department. His name is still remembered in many parts of our country and the former Union, where his students still work.

During his creative scientific life, he trained about a hundred Candidates and Doctors of sciences, formed a scientific school of prefabricated panel house building, as well as reconstruction and renovation of these buildings.

On the initiative of Professor A.K. Schreiber, the College of Economics and Organization in Construction was created in 1974, which was later renamed the in the College of Economics, Organization and Management in Construction.

From 1976 to 2007 the Head of the College was a graduate of the graduate school, D.Sc. Economics, ProfessorInessa G. Lukmanova. After reorganizing several faculties into the Institute in 2005, she became the Director of the Institute until 2010. Currently, she is a Professor at the Department of Economics and Management in the Construction of MGSU. After 2005 Professor I.G. Lukmanova served as Chairman of the Dissertation Council of the D212.138.05; in 2015 she became the Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council, in 2013 - 2018 she was a member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.

In 1977 she was awarded the title "Honorary Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation," in 2000 - the title "Honorary Builder of Moscow," in 2002 - the state award: Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" 2nd degree, in 2015 - the distinction "For impeccable service to Moscow for L years."

Since 1993 Professor I.G. Lukmanova has been a full member of the International Academy of Economics and Investment in Construction, since 1988 - a senior full member of the International Academy of Construction of Great Britain.

I.G. Lukmanova is a member of the Presidium of the Board of the Russian Society of Construction Engineers; she actively participates in the activities of the Moscow Branch of the Society. She is a member of the editorial board of magazines: "Industrial and Civil Engineering," "Real Estate: Economics and Management," "Economics of Construction," "Construction: Economics and Management," "Bulletin of MGSU." Moreover, she is one of the authors of the methodology and system of continuing professional education and international certification of specialists in the construction industry. Since 2002 she has been acting as the Deputy Chairman of Presidium for International Relations at the Russian Society of Civil Engineers.

By order of the rector No. 679 of November 25, 1988 at MISI named after V.V. Kuibyshev the Department was renamed into the Department ofEconomics of Organization and Management in Construction.

For many years such teachers as A. R. Arshakyan G.Ya. Bakaeva, N.A. Bondareva, V.V. Volodin, H.M. Gumba, E.P. Zharkovskaya, G.L. Isaeva, A.A. Karpenko, M.M. Kvashnina, S.S. Kolobov, F.N. Kuznetsov, V.P. Lugovaya, V.A. Lukinov, G.D. Malysheva, A.N. Manasyan, N.P. Minina, M.A. Motorina, M.A. Pishchikov, S.S. Romanova, A.F. Trebukhin, V.V. Shekhovtsova, V.V. Shoshinov, and others worked at the Department of Economics of Organization and Management in Construction. In total, the Department has had over 20 representatives of the academic staff and 4 people of educational and auxiliary staff (engineer I.I. Magyarova, senior laboratory assistant T.M. Kalashnikova, engineer V.V. Turyanskaya, engineer V.K. Alekhina).

In 1989 on the basis of the Department of Economics, Organization and Management in Construction, two departments "Economics and Management in Construction" and "Construction Organization" were organized.

In 1993 - 1995 teachers of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction took active part in the "Training Project Managers for Russia" international program implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Russian Federation under a grant from the World Bank. Professor I.G. Lukmanova was appointed co-director from the Russian side.

As a part of this program 96 teachers from different cities and universities of Russia were trained, including 18 teachers and 5 graduate students of MISI-MGSU(teachers of the Department: T.V. Averchenko, V.V. Volodin, O.N. Iliina, M.M. Kvashnina, V.P. Lugovaya, M.A. Motorina, V.V. Shoshinov; graduate students of the Department: A.I. Aleshin, L.V. Skripicheva, A.Y. Yurkevich).

Professor Ivan S. Stepanov was the Head of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction from 1989 to 2004. He went from a master to the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, and after graduating from graduate school and defending a dissertation on Labor Economics, he became the Head of the Department of the State Committee for Labor and Social Affairs of the USSR and then a Professor at the Higher School of Trade Unions.

In 2000 D.Sc. Economics, Professor I.S. Stepanov was appointed as the Chairman of the Doctoral Dissertation Council at MGSU with a degree in Economics and National Economy Management (Civil Engineering) by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Over 30 specialists received the title of Doctor and Candidate of economic sciences under his leadership. I.S. Stepanov is the author of several textbooks, of which the textbook "Economics of Construction" is especially significant; it was edited several times and remains the fundamental manual for all industry universities in Russia.

Subsequently, colleagues of Professor I.S. Stepanov were the Heads of the Department : D.Sc. Economics, Professor Khuta M. Gumba (2004 – 2009); D.Sc. Economics, Professor Inessa G. Lukmanova (2009 – 2015). They made significant contribution to updating the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department, as well as to the development of professional training programs for specialists working in the construction industry and in the training of scientific personnel.

D.Sc. Economics, Professor Khuta M. Gumba graduated from the Rostov Civil Engineering Institute (1972), worked in construction organizations. In 1990 he graduated from graduate school and defended his thesis. In 1999 he became D.Sc. Economics. He is the author of 7 monographs and over 100 scientific papers in the field of Economics of Construction, state regulation of the activities of economic entities, management of innovative and investment processes in construction, anti-crisis management, pricing and estimated business in civil engineering.

In 2004-2009 new types of educational, methodological and scientific activities were developed and organized at the Department of Economics and Management in Construction:

- fast-tracked education for persons with the first higher education (responsible V.P. Lugovaya);

- extramural form of study (responsible A.I. Yarovoy, E.V. Nezhnikova);

- Master`s degree program as a new stage of education (responsible V.V. Turyanskaya);

- short-term training courses for students in the field of the estimate case in construction (responsible V.K. Alekhina);

- supplementary vocational education by the program "Estimate and Pricing" (responsible O.I. Saltykova, M.P. Bovsunovskaya);

- regular All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Stepanovskiy Readings" (responsible M.Yu. Mishlanova).

In 2015 the Department of Economics and Management in Construction received a title of "Golden Department of Russia".

The following textbooks and teaching guides were developed and published by the Department during this period: "Economics of Construction"; "Management in Construction"; "Marketing in Construction"; "Planning in Construction"; "Microeconomics"; "Finance and Credit"; "Statistics," "Pricing and Estimates in Construction", which are still very popular.

From 2009 to 2015 the Department led by I.G. Lukmanova actively carried out research activities (responsible M.Y. Mishlanova); the working group of the educational and methodological commission functioned (O.I. Saltykova, A.A. Karpenko, V.V. Politi, E.S. Erina, A.F. Trebukhin); a collection of scientific works of the Department was published annually (responsible V.V. Politi, V.K. Alekhina, L.N. Vychugzhanina). Dissertation Сouncil for the defense of Candidate and Doctoral dissertations on Economic Science D.212.138.05 resumed work and functioned actively. The Chairman of the Council was I.G. Lukmanova; - Ph.D., Associate Professor G.L. Isaeva was the Scientific Secretary; Since 2007 the Scientific Secretary of the Council is Ph.D., Associate Professor, M.Yu. Mishlanova.

The Department of Economics and Management in Construction trained over 450 economists for the construction industry in all types and forms of training: full-time, part-time (evening), part-time and external study annually. Every year 5-6 graduate students of the Department and one doctoral student defended dissertations.

Some of them continued on working at the Department: V.V. Shoshinov, V.V. Turyanskaya, V.S. Kankhva, N.A. Bondareva, E.V. Nezhnikova, S.V. Rodionova, A.A. Blagodatskaya, M.P. Bovsunovskaya, O.V. Papelnyuk, A.A. Aksenova, R.V. Shedlovsky, K.I. Karmokova, A.V. Fedosyina and other Candidates of Economic Sciences. Doctoral dissertations were defended by H.M. Gumba, V.V. Lukinov, I.G. Lukmanova, T.A. Shindina, V.Yu. Mikhailov, V.V. Peshkov, S.S. Uvarova, A.P. Barkanov, V.A. Voronin, D.N. Silka, E.V. Nezhnikova, V.I. Sarchenko.

Graduates of master's, postgraduate and doctoral studies of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction worked at the leading positions of the University: MGSU Vice-Rector for Quality Management, Financial and Youth Policy was D.Sc. Economics, Associate Professor,Head of the Department E.V. Nezhnikova (2019-2021); the Head of the Accounting and Financial Control Department, Chief Accountant of MGSU A.M. Meleshko; the first deputy chief accountant - K.I. Karmokova; the Head of the Planning and Financial Department of MGSU - O.V. Papelnyuk; the Head of the Monitoring and Quality Center - A.A. Aksyonova and others. Deputy Director of the Institute ofEconomics, Management and Communication in Construction and Real Estate for scientific work is Associate Professor of the Department V.S. Kankhva, who graduated from MGSU in 2002 and has been working at the Department since 2004.

V.S. Kankhva is responsible for educational bachelor`s and master`s programs in the field of Economics. He has over 117 scientific and methodological papers, including 2 textbooks, 5 monographs, 3 teaching guidess, 19 publications in journals included in the global Scopus and WOS citation indexes. He is the co-head of the "Investment and Construction Engineering" master's program in the 08.04.01 Civil Engineering field of study. He regularly takes part in national and international conferences; in 2016 he was awarded the MGSUmedal III-degree of MGSU “For merits in construction education and science”.

In 2012 the Department of Economics and Management in Construction was replenished with new teachers (D.Sc. Economics,, Professor R.K. Gorshkov; Ph.D., Professor V.A. Dikareva, Ph.D., Associate Professor I.E. Alpatskaya, Ph.D., Associate Professor L.A. Shutova, Ph.D. S.I. Lapteva) as a result of joining the Moscow State Academy of Public Utilities and Construction to MGSU.The academic staff of the Department was constantly replenished with new teachers who contributed to the improvement of academic and scientific work: Ph.D., Associate Professor, O.A. Burova; Ph.D., Associate Professor O.V. Vasilieva; Ph.D., Associate Professor M.Yu. Mishlanova; Ph.D., Associate ProfessorE.N. Nidziy; Ph.D., Associate Professor A.Yu. Misailov; senior lecturer A.A. Kalinina; senior lecturer G.A. Syzrantsev; teacher A.Yu. Bochkov; teacher K.A. Agakhanova; teacher A.A. Sudakova.

In addition to full-time teachers, the graduates of the graduate school at the Department of Economics and Management in Construction (Ph.D. E.V. Falomeev; Ph.D. N.Yu. Matveev; Ph.D. R.A. Shedlovsky; Ph.D. B.L. Efremyan) work part-time very successfully.

In 2016 D.Sc. Economics, Associate Professor Dmitry N. Silka, was appointed the Head of the Department. At that time new "Value Engineering" and "Investment and Construction Engineering" master's programs were prepared and implemented. Methodical and scientific work was actively carried out. The Department successfully passed the next accreditation.

From September 2020 to 2021 the Department was headed by a graduate of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction, D.Sc. Economics, Associate ProfessorEkaterina V. Nezhnikova, who actively supported all creative initiatives of the academic staff in educational, methodological and scientific activities.

Since September 2021 Arkadiy N. Larionov is the Head of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction. He worked as an external part-time employee, combining his work in the National Association of Builders, the Research Center "Strategy", NIIMosstroy, and Coalko Construction with scientific and pedagogical activities at MGSU Department from 2009 to 2021.

Professor A.N. Larionov is the scientific director of the "Investment and Construction Engineering" Master's degree program. Besides, he teaches courses for master`s and graduate programs students in the field of Economics at the Department, directs the constructional design projects and serves as a supervisor to graduate students. In addition, he is a member of Dissertation Councils D 212.138.05 at MGSU and D 212.223.04 at SPbGASU, being the author 319 printed scientific papers. He prepared 3 Doctors and 18 Candidates of Economic Sciences as a supervisor.

Currently, the Department employs 33 teachers, including 3 professors, 21 associate professors, 5 senior teachers and 3 teachers, 3 from educational and support staff and 5 graduate students, a significant part of which are graduates of the Department of Economics and Management in Construction at MISI-MGSU.

Department of Economics and Management in Construction, 2021 

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