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Directions of research activity of the department:

1. Analysis of the wind and snow load impact on construction facilities:

• Analysis of the wind and snow load impact on high-rise buildings and structures;

• Analysis of the of wind load impact on “flexible” building structures that are subjected to dynamic load (long-span bridge structures, pipes, etc.);

• Analysis of the wind load impact on the facilities of the nuclear, oil and gas, chemical and other industries;

• Analysis of the urban area bioclimatic comfort and industrial and special facilities aeration;

• Analysis of the building structures aerodynamic characteristics impact on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB)

• Analysis of the wind load impact on the enclosing structures including suspended and kinetic facade systems;

• Research in the sphere of wind-power engineering.
2. Fundamental physics in the building materials production using nanotechnology.
3. Physics of metals and metal structures.
4. Problems of heat and mass transfer. Applying of the obtained results to Construction Thermophysics issues.
5. Foamed nano-composite materials generation for providing foundation strength.
6. Modifications of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (GR) in case of massive graviton and their applying to black holes and the Universe evolution.

In the winter 2018 the head of the department O. I. Poddaeva took part in the opening of the III International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future".
Staff members of the department of Physics and Building Aerodynamics P. S Churin and O.O. Egorychev spoke at the XV Conference of the Italian Wind Engineers Association in the autumn of 2018.
The lecturer of the department  O. O. Egorychev held a lecture on “Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Studies in Construction” for students of M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, India in the autumn of 2018.
M.I. Panfilova and V.P. Gorbachevsky were awarded with the Diploma for the 2nd place in the scientific articles competition in the III International Scientific Conference "Scientific research - 2018" ( Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) in the autumn of 2018.
 The status of the unique scientific installation “Large Research Gradient Aerodynamic Tunnel” was assigned to the architectural and construction type aerodynamic installation for the building structures analysis in the spring of 2018.
The department staff members O. I. Poddaeva, A. N. Fedosova, P. S. Churin took part in the XXI International Scientific Conference "Construction the formation of the living environment" (FORM-2018).
The senior lecturer of the department K. A. Modestov trained the students for the participation in the interuniversity student contests in physics and mathematics in 2017-2018. The students of the university honorably performed in the Contests, taking prize-places.

Large Research Gradient Aerodynamic Tunnel assessment was carried out at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering in the summer of 2018. The Tunnel is the first certified aerodynamic tunnel designed for complex aerodynamic testing of building structures in the Russian Federation.

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