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During the period from 2016 to 2018 more than 140 scientific works of the teaching staff of the department were published, of which 12 are monographs, 5 are papers in the WoS, Scopus publications, more than 50 articles in VAK journals.

Collective monographs of the teaching staff of the department for 2016-2018:

The rulers of Russia and the development of construction / preface by A.A. Volkov, authors: Molokova, T.A., Byzova, O.M., Gatsunaev, KN, Efremova, MG, Murashev, A.A., Panteleeva, T.L., Posvyatenko, Yu.V., Frolov, V. P., under general supervision by Molokova, T.A. 2nd ed., Ext. M., 2016. 312 p.

Essays on the history of university education / Molokova, TA, Frolov, VP, Posvyatyenko, Yu.V., Murashev, A.A., Panteleeva, T.L., Gatunayev, KN, Byzova, OM, Efremova, M. G., ed. T.A. Molokova. 3rd ed. (e.) 1 pdf file: 176 p. M., 2017.

Architectural monuments of Moscow: the past and the present (on the 870th anniversary of the founding of the capital) / Molokova TA, Volkov AA, Byzova OM, Gatsunaev KN, Efremova MG, Posvyatenko Yu.V. ., Frolov, VP, Yakubov, TA, under general supervision by T.A. Molokova. M., 2017. 356 p. Prepared with the support of the grant RGNF.

Organization of conferences, participation in grants, and scientific events

From 2016 to 2018, the department organized and carried out more than 30 scientific and practical, scientific and informational events, the staff of the department took part in more than 40 external events.

In 2015-2016 a grant of the Russian State Scientific Fund for the publication of a monograph in Russian and English "Architectural Monuments of Moscow: Past and Present." was granted.

In 2018, a RFBR grant for the All-Russian Scientific Conference (with international participation) "Features of the integration of humanitarian and technical knowledge" (NRU MGSU, September 27-28, 2018) was obtained, a collection of reports was published at the end of the conference.

Currently, the department employs an Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, 6 Honorary Workers of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, 5 teachers are awarded with honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Under the leadership of Molokova T.A. a textbook on history was prepared and published with a UEM DIA heading, which went through 4 editions (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017) and won the Best University Book 2017 competition at the Far Eastern Federal University. At the same competition, the author’s collective of the department was awarded a diploma in the nomination “The Best Edition in the Humanities” for the monograph “Rulers of Russia and the Development of Construction”, supervised by T.A. Molokova.

In 2018, at the IV Ural interregional competition “University Book” at the Ural Federal University, diplomas were obteined in the nomination “The best scientific publication in historical sciences” for the monograph “Rulers of Russia and construction development” and a diploma in the nomination “High culture of publishing scientific books” for the monograph "Architectural Monuments of Moscow: Past and Present (to the 870th anniversary of the founding of the capital)", prepared under the guidance of T.A. Molokova.

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