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Institute of Construction and Architecture (ICA) of MGSU formed according to the order of Rector № 80/130 of 7 June 2005.

Director of the Institute – C.E.S, Prof. Nikolai Senin. In 1973 he graduated from the faculty of "Industrial and civil construction" MISI named after V.V. Kuibyshev. Effective member of the International Institute of Civil Engineers and the Russian Society of Civil Engineers, Member of the editorial board of the journal "Industrial and civil construction", Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation.

ICA has combined three departments:

Industrial and Civil Construction;

Construction and Technology;

Engineering and Architecture.

The main tasks of the Institute according to the Regulation about the ICA MGSU adopted by the Council of the Institute May 13, 2006, are as follows:

· satisfaction of needs of the person for intellectual, professional, cultural and moral development by means of receiving the higher and postgraduate professional education;

· development of building science and scientific innovation research and teaching staff and the use of the results in the educational process;

· training, retraining and advanced training of employees with higher education and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification;

· the formation of students' civic attitude, the ability to work and live in the conditions of modern civilization and democracy;

· preserving and increasing moral, cultural and scientific values ​​of society;

· the dissemination of knowledge among the population, improving its educational and cultural level.

On the basis of the university interdepartmental educational center established by a unit decision of the administration of MGSU and SU-155, is working. At this center students pass target additional training in the free time from the main study on a specially designed training program, agreed with the employer. In essence, this center is a type of corporate institution.

In July 2006, the first graduation of young specialists of the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture MGSU took place.

Faculty Industrial and Civil Construction has existed since the founding of the university, that is, since 1921. During this time the Faculty has trained more than 11,000 engineers, construction workers, and more than 600 PhDs, more than 500 professionals at various levels for foreign countries.

At the time of unification the faculty was the largest academic unit of MGSU, which had an enrollment of over 3,000 students in various forms: full-time, part-time and external studies.

In accordance with the results of the international accreditation the level of training of engineers on a specialty was recognized as conforming to international standards and the degree of Master of European university.

The Faculty organized training courses for graduates of specialized colleges and technical schools of a building profile, entering the specialty "Industrial and Civil Construction."

It is really important for the faculty to support and develop the existing for decades scientific schools, which at various times was headed by: corr. USSR Academy of Sciences, D.E.S., prof. N. Streletsky, D.E.S., prof. E. Beleniy (metal structures); corr. USSR Academy of Sciences, prof. I. Rabinovich; corr. USSR Academy of Sciences, Laureate of the State Prize, D.E.S., Prof.. V. Vlasov (Structural Mechanics); D.E.S., prof. A. Loleyt, D.E.S., prof. P. Pasternak (reinforced concrete structures) and others.

Training of specialists for CNIIEP habitation based on a tripartite agreement between MGSU, CNIIEP habitation and future graduates has been being conducted since 1995. A group of 10-15 students, which takes place part of the learning process on the basis of CNIIEP habitation, is formed since the third course in the faculty. The students are involved in practical work in the design workshops, participate in the implementation of actual designs of buildings and structures. The most experienced staff of CNIIEP habitation is involved in the educational process, defense of a thesis also is held on the basis of the institute.

Building and Engineering Department was established in 1944 to train specialists for the production of building materials and products, which are necessary to restore the war-torn country.

The most active part in the organization of the faculty took outstanding scientists Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences N. Popov, B. Skramtaev, O. Gershberg. The first dean of the faculty was the laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor M. Higerovich, then dean of the faculty was elected from professors: A. Soshin, V. Kitaitsev, O. Ivanov, V. Kolokolnikov, Y. Burov, A. Domokeev, Y. Bazhenov, B. Rumyantsev.

The first students of the faculty were demobilized participants of the Great Patriotic War in 1948, the first 19 graduates started their career as engineers in the emerging industry of precast concrete and other building materials.

The collectivity of faculty with a deep respect and appreciation remembers those who stood at the beginning of scientific and pedagogical schools, which brought fame not only faculty but also the building industry: Lenin Prize laureate, doctor of engineering sciences, professor A. Volzhenski, State Prize laureate, doctor of engineering sciences, professor O. Gerchberg, B. Skramtaev, G. Gorchakov, Y. Gorlov, R. Andrianov, V. Mikulski, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professors O. Yushkevich, M. Rogov, V. Stambulko, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, doctor of engineering sciences, professors N. Popov, V. Vorobyov, V. Kitaitsev, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, professor A. Bork, V. Kireyev, S. Sosin.

Architecture Faculty of Engineering was established in 2005. The main idea of the creation of Architecture Faculty of Engineering was the preparation of specialists, who possess artistic and architectural skills coupled with the ability of engineering and design study of the project.

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture consists of the following departments:

- "Architecture of civil and industrial buildings" (Head of the Department, c.e.s., Prof. A. Solovyov);

- "Test structures" (Head of the Department, c.e.s., Prof. Y. Kunin) with owned by it education and research (the inspection of buildings and structures) laboratories.

Creating the laboratory of building physics within the organization of the new faculty and faculties PGS and ST will allow conducting the examination of designs, development of sections of projects on energy efficiency, natural light and sun exposure, noise protection and performing theoretical, experimental and evaluation research works.

The faculty, in addition to educational and scientific activities, carries out extensive work on the organization of permanent exhibitions in the building of the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, as well as in the preparation and holding of exhibitions in the House of Architects, and others.

Students of the faculty were repeatedly laureates of international, national and regional competitions of theses.

In April 2005 the 1st All-Russian competition of theses in specialty 2914 was held in Kazan, where thesis of the student B. Ol'ha took first place, and he was awarded the diploma of I degree RAASN. Another thesis was awarded prize of the Architects' Union of Tatarstan.

In 2006 a student of IAF became the winner of the All-Russian competition "The best in the specialty", which was held in MGSU.

At the Faculty of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture there are review competitions of term projects in the specialty 291400, announced in conjunction with the faculty and firms "Fakro", "Albes" and "Knauf". Students of the faculty are regular participants of the review competition "Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth." So, in 2005, the authors of 5 student work became laureates of this competition.

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