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Depatment of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures

The Depatment of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures one of the oldest in NRU MSUCE (National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering). It was established at 1930 by Artur Loleit as part of Construction Department in Moscow Higher Technical School (previous name of Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and later joined Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (previous name of NRU MSUCE). Artur Loleit was department’s first chair and was also among founders of modern theory of reinforced concrete. The department has extensive experience in scientific studies and educational processes.

Acting chair of the department is Ashot Tamrazyan, Doctor of Technology (academic degree), Full Professor (academic rank), a full member of RAE (Russian Academy of Engineering) and a RAACS (Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences) councilor. He is an author of more than 360 scientific articles, 6 monographs, 2 training manuals, 15 regulatory documents and study guides and several copyright certificates and patents. He provided scientific leadership for 6 Ph.D.s in Engineering.

The department deals with such issues as:
  • Calculation of cast and precast reinforced concrete structures;
  • Calculation of stone and complex structures;
  • Enhancing the reliability of structures in a stress-strain state;
  • Analysis of structures under high intensity dynamic impact (e.g. explosive, shock and cyclical effects).
Fields of study connected with building design, support of ongoing construction processes, technical assessment of building condition during the life-cycle or during the renovation are rapidly developing.

Comrehensive educational, project and research laboratories are available for faculty and staff, graduate and undergraduate students.
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