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To date, thanks to the scientific work of scientists of the department and their students, the department has created several scientific schools - directions, working on promising issues of modern construction. The first direction is the calculation of structures interacting with a deformed or random inhomogeneous environment on the effect of static and dynamic loads in linear and nonlinear settings. The second direction is the calculation of core and thin-walled spatial structures for strength, stability, reliability and temperature effects in linear and non-linear settings. The third direction is vibro and seismic protection of buildings and structures. The fourth area is the use of modern settlement software systems for the calculation of buildings and structures.

The Department gives Bachelor degrees in:

27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology

15.03.03 Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Mechanical Systems and Processes

08.03.01 Information and Construction Engineering

08.03.01 Industrial and Civil Engineering

08.03.01 Examination and Property Management

08.03.01 Buildings and Structures Design

07.03.01 Architecture (Academic Baccalaureate)

15.04.03 Mechanics of a Deformable Solid

08.04.01 Industrial and Civil Construction

The Department gives Five-year undergraduate degree in:

08.05.01 Construction of High-Rise and Large-Span Buildings and Structures

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