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Department of Structural and Theoretical Mechanics

The department of " Structural and Theoretical Mechanics" was established by order No. 111/ 130 dated 7th February, 2016 as a result of the unification of the departments: "Structural Mechanics" and "Theoretical Mechanics and Aerodynamics".

The Department of Structural Mechanics of National Research University MGSU was formed in 1920. In different years, the department was headed by Eugene R. Brilling, Nikolay I. Bezukhov, Isaac M. Rabinovich, Vasiliy Z. Vlasov, George K. Klein, Nikolay N. Leontiev. From 2005 till the present time the department is headed by Vladimir L. Mondrus. At the present time it is famous for such famous scientists as Alexey R. Rzhanitsyn, Boris G. Korenev, Dmitriy N. Sobolev, Boris P. Makarov.

The department of "Theoretical Mechanics and Aerodynamics" has worked since foundation of the Institute. In various years, the department was headed by well-known experts in the field of Mechanics: Eugene F. Strament (Professor, D.Sc. in Engineering science), Ilya Y. Staerman (Corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Professor, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor), Arseny F. Maslov (D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics), Professor, L.A. Boiko (D.Sc. in Engineering science), Igor G. Filippov (Professor, D.Sc. in Engineering science), Oleg O.Egorychev (D.Sc. in Engineering science), Roman N. Stepanov (PhD in Engineering science). Large amount of research work has been carried out in various fields of Mechanics. Currently, the department is an established team of scientific educating staff, which includes a number of prominent scientists.

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