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Address: NIU MGSU, Moscow, 129337, Yaroslavskoye Highway, 26, case of “KMK”, lecture hall 129, 135.

Tel.: +7 (499) 183-32-29

How to get to the university:

- public transport: buses from “VDNKh” metro station: № 136, № 172, № 244, trolley № 76 or route taxi to “Ulitsa Veshnikh Vod” bus stop; from Yaroslavskiy Railway Station to “Losinoostrovskaya” railway station.

How to find us: The Department of Building Materials and Materials Science is located in the second university hall, 1st floor on the right after entering the building. Before going you can learn about the area via NIU MGSU Virtual Reception. http://mgsu.ru/universityabout/mgsu/Tour_MGSU.html

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