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Institute of Construction and Architecture (ICA) as a structure having an innovative character designed to provide training to a new generation of professionals who are able to provide positive changes in the construction industry and to combine production, design, research and enterprise.

The educational activity of the innovative Institute is based on the use of the ideas and principles of new educational technologies providing a considerable increase of the efficiency of the teaching work, the study of students and transfer of scientific results to the activities of construction companies and organizations.

A foundational principle of the ICA activity is a unity of scientific-educational and innovative processes. The purpose is to maintain the stability of the system of the partnership of the institute, government; construction, design, research organizations and business structures.

Institute of Construction and Architecture by all its activities intend to contribute to the strategic development of the MGSU.

The Institute consists of the following Research Departments:

· Research laboratory "Inspection and reconstruction of buildings and structures";

· Research Laboratory for the study of the real work of building constructions and structures;

· Expert diagnostic and testing centre of building structures;

· Research laboratory of modern composite building materials;

· Specialized laboratory corrosion and durability of materials and structures;

· Centre of eco-steady architectural and urban design.

The annual volume of economic contractual and state budgetary works performed by departments and research laboratories exceeds 65 million. rubles.

In laboratories, along with experienced staff members work part-time young teachers of various departments, staff, graduate students and undergraduates. Experience of such work enables young teachers to expand the knowledge of students who acquire the skill for further practical activity. As part of the program of National Research University research laboratories ICA were equipped with modern research equipment that allows carry unique scientific researchers at the highest level.

Students of all courses, especially seniors, are attracted to scientific research. As a part of the Student Scientific Society of MGSU scientific groups operate in different directions in the Institute, which are run by leading scientists. The research results are discussed at regularly held conferences of students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists in MGSU.

For the purpose of selection of young specialists for research on departments of Institute olympiads on various disciplines, competitions in the speciality and competitions of final qualification works are annually held.

Students, graduate students and young scientists of the Institute take part in the effective external scientific information events (seminars, conferences, competitions, exhibitions, The Festival of Science, etc.).

Annually Institute organizes International (Nationwide) scientific conferences. The Institute holds a seminar for graduate students, masters and graduate students, which takes place two times a year, at which leading scientists consider actual problems of construction science.

On the basis of the Institute 3 branches of MGSU Scientific and Technical Council are working, at meetings of the sections of which results of research, contractual and dissertation works are considered.

· Branch №1. "Architecture and Urbanism";

· Branch №2. "Reliability of building structures and foundations";

· Branch №5. "Building materials and technologies".

Researchers develop in international cooperation in the following areas: united research with many educational and scientific institutions from around the world: Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Poland, Slovakia, the USA, Finland, France and others; participation in international seminars, symposiums and conferences.

Today the construction industry is one of the few emerging branches of economy. Under the conditions developing in our country market economy, the highest school has the task to respond promptly to requests for a building complex about the development of new building technologies and materials. For this purpose, the Institute developed a software package for advanced training and retraining of engineers and technical workers./

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