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Scientific Policy Department

Scientific and innovative activity is of the highest priority for Moscow State University of Civil Engineering as a National Research University. The Center of Scientific and Innovative Activities (CS&IA) was established for organization of scientific and innovative activity at the University. Supporting the effective development of scientific schools of University and increasing of scientific and technical levels and effectiveness of scientific research in general is a primary mission for CS&IA.

Head: Anna Doroshenko, PhD

Main goals of CS&IA:

· organizing effective innovation structure and content of scientific and research activity,

· integration of science, education and venture practice based on fulfillment of scientific and creative potential of university staff,

· developing of the priority scientific and research directions of sectoral and academic science;

· planning of participation and realization scientific, research, design and experimental works by university departments according to priority directions of scientific and technological activity.

At present MGSU trains the PhD according to 35 scientific specialties and DSc according to 24 scientific specialties. Involving students and postgraduate students into research work is an important direction of scientific and innovation complex activity of MGSU. Participation of young scientists in conferences, seminars, competitions for winning grants, exhibitions appears to be an integral part of scientific life of University.

Academic staff of University and the research teams conduct research within seven large directions:

· civil engineering and architecture: high quality of the environment of activity in the conditions of comprehensive development of the territories – architectural, engineering, urban development and social issues;

· complex safety in civil engineering, namely, complex safety of objects and building systems, ecological safety of urban land;

· power and resource efficiency of engineering systems of buildings, structures and construction-site equipment;

· information systems technologies in design, construction, service of buildings and constructions;

· construction materials and technologies: modern construction materials and technologies, development of nanotechnologies in the construction materials production;

· construction of power plants, namely, development and improvement of engineering solutions and technologies applicable in the construction of power plants, waterworks and environmental protection facilities; geotechnical problems of construction operations;

· urban management;

· economics and management of construction operations;

· utilities and real estate management.

All departments of MGSU are involved into the scientific and research activity. Several Scientific-Research Institutes (SRI) and Research-Educational Centers (REC) have been created at University to implement research in general scientific fields and to prepare staff for high-technology industry markets. Commercialization of scientific and research activity of University is carried out on base of incorporated circle of Small Innovative Enterprise (SIE), which are very active introduces results of research teams works into the real production.

Integration of scientific-research and scientific-production activity of University allows to affective introduce the innovation into the technological processes of enterprises of construction industry. It characterizes the practice oriented direction of the research activities at the University and which provides the close cooperation with enterprises of construction industry.

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