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Scientific Departments

1. Research Institute of Building Materials and Technologies

· Creating new effective building materials and technologies

· Development of technologies of construction materials and products

· Research in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency in buildings and structures

· Testing and quality control of construction materials and products

· Development and application of modern physical and chemical methods of assessment of building structures and means of their protection

· Research in the field of dry construction mixtures

· Additive construction

2. Research Institute of Experimental Mechanics

· Monitoring of structures influenced by dynamic loads

· All types of mechanical testing of building products and structures

· Testing of large-span and large-sized structures with multiaxial loading

· Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures, individual structures, as well as engineering networks and communications

3. Institute of Integrated Safety in Construction

· Product certification for compliance with fire safety requirements (ГОСТ Р and EN standards)

· Development of projects of explosion proof of buildings and structures

· Pilot studies in the field of fire safety

· Design of the systems of fire safety

· Estimation of risks at dangerous industrial objects

· Studies of the explosive-stability of buildings and constructions

· Creation of methodic of evaluation of the explosive-technical characteristics of substances and materials

· Inspection, examination and the certification tests of production and constructions in the location of industrial safety

· Introduction of technologies of production safety

· Examination of the conformity assessment of buildings and structures to BREEAM international standard

· Support of projects in the correspondence with Germans tandards of sustainable construction (DGNB)

· Life cycle (LCA) and building life cycle cost (LCC) estimation

· Development of measures to ensure explosion safety and stability of industrial, transport, civil and energy facilities

· Development of measures to decrease damage of terrorist explosion

· Development of regulation documents on explosion safety and stability

· Research of wave propagation during destruction of hydraulic structures

4. Research Institute of Design and Engineering

· Geodesic, geological, geotechnical and ecological investigations

· Preparatory works for development of project documentation: architectural projects, reconstruction projects, projects on construction works, etc.

· Complex development of project documentation,

· Implementation of architectural supervision

5. Institute of scientific and technical support of construction

· Coordination and management of complex projects for scientific and technical support of engineering surveys and development of project documentation

· Scientific and technical support for the construction of unique facilities and facilities with a high level of responsibility

· Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures, including historical buildings

· Monitoring of the technical condition of buildings and structures, including:

- geodetic stationary observations of deformations of buildings and structures;

- geodetic control of the position of structural elements of buildings and structures;

- monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures in the zone of influence of new construction.

· Information-analytical, organizational and technical support of construction activities

· Performing calculations of building structures of buildings and structures

· Performing geotechnical calculations of bases, foundations, underground parts of buildings and structures and surrounding buildings

6. Research institute of expertise and real estate management

· Organization and conduct of fundamental, applied and exploratory scientific research in the field of expertise and public management of real estate

· Development of recommendations based on the results of scientific research

· Development of methods for assessing, analyzing and forecasting the development of real estate, models and systems for managing real estate

· Practical application of modern methods of assessment, analysis, inspection and forecasting of real estate development

· Implementation of information support for the process of examination and valuation of real estate, etc.

7. Institute of Engineering and Construction of Nuclear Energy Facilities

· Creation of an effective system of interaction in the field of vocational education, research, scientific and technical and expert-analytical activities in the interests of developing the construction complex of the nuclear industry

8. Scientific Educational Center of Computer Simulation of Unique Building Structures and Facilities named after A. B. Zolotov

· Computer modeling of the stress-strain state of structures

· Modeling the behavior of unique structures, buildings, structures and facilities

· Verification of software systems

· Examination of calculations of buildings and structures

· Training and retraining of users of software systems ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS / CivilFEM, ANSYS CFX, LS-DYNA, RobotMillennium, ABAQUS, and many others

9. Scientific Educational Center «Nanotechnologies»

· Research of development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology and their implementation in the construction industry

· Research in the field of nanomaterials and nanosystems

· Research and testing in the field of high-performance road construction materials

10. Science Education Center of Engineering Research and Monitoring of Building Structures

Monitoring sites:

· high-rise buildings with height over 75 m

· large-span structures with spans over 36 m wide

· unique structures - special design and structural systems

· bridges, dams, tunnels

· areas with seismic activity over 9 points

Items of monitoring:

· composition, size and patterns of force application

· design models of structures

· physical and mechanical properties of materials

· stress and local structural distortions

· the global three-dimensional deformations of construction

· the appearing defects and the damage

11. Scientific Educational Center «Water Supply and Water-Removal»

· Development of design solutions, process flow diagrams, methods of reconstruction and intensification of networks, systems, water supply and sanitation. Implementation of pre-, design and development work, scientific and technical support for construction, installation and commissioning works

· Testing of samples of natural and waste water

12. Scientific Educational Center «Geotechnics»

· Solving urgent problems of theoretical and applied geomechanics and geotechnics

· Solving of research, scientific, technical and technological problems in the field of theoretical and applied Geomechanics and Geotechnics

· Laboratory testing of soil - compression, shear and triaxial tests with static and cyclic vibration loads

· Computer modeling of the stress-strain state of soil, enclosing an underground part of the buildings and structures in difficult geological conditions

· Design of underground parts of buildings: the excavation enclosure, shallow and deep foundations, dewatering and drainage

· Scientific support for the projects and the construction of the underground parts of buildings and structures - technical inspection of buildings and structures, geotechnical monitoring during construction and after the end of the work

13. Research laboratory «Translucent Structures»

· Examination, expertise and pre-project research of buildings and structures with large-square translucent structures Expertise of projects and monitoring of buildings and structures

· Quality control and determination of the actual characteristics of window designs on stage operation and delivery to construction sites

· Determination of the strength properties of translucent structures

· Determination of operational reliability and safety of translucent structures

· Determination of thermal protection and lighting characteristics of translucent structures

14. Educational Research Laboratory of Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Tests of Buildng Construction

· Aerodynamics and aero acoustics of structures, buildings and structures

· Aerodynamics and aeration urban district development plans mass housing

· Use of renewable energy sources in urban areas

15. Research and Testing Center “MGSU STORY-TEST”

· Testing of building materials

· Scientific and technical support of concrete and finishing work

· Development of regulation documents and standards

· Development of science-based methods to improve the durability of road construction materials

· Assessment of the transport and operational condition of roads

· Development of new road construction materials and technologies

16. Laboratory of Legal Expertise in Construction

· Pre-trial expertise

· Implementation of expertise

17. Research Centre “Reliability and Seismic Stability of Structures”

· Calculation of special load combinations

· Scientific and technical support of design and construction

· Seismic monitoring of buildings and structures

· Development of regulation documents on seismic design

18. Research Centre “Hydrotechnics”

· Research and determination of wave loads on marine and reservoir hydraulic structures

· Study of ice loads on hydraulic structures from various types of drifting ice formations

· Carrying out model (including large-scale) studies of existing and planned structures

· Development of projects for the reconstruction of coastal protection structures

· Study of sediment formation in the coastal zone

· Study of channel processes during construction, operation and emergency situations of various hydraulic structures on large-scale models

19. Karst research center

· Study of the formation and development of exogenous geological processes

· Issuance of conclusions on the degree of safety of buildings and structures in the areas of distribution of karst and landslide processes

· Conducting scientific and technical support in the process of design, construction and operation of buildings and structures in areas of development of karst processes

· Geotechnical monitoring of karst development at the stages of design, construction and operation of buildings and structures

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