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Scientific Departments

1. Scientific Research Institute of Building Materials and Technologies

· Creating new effective building materials and technologies

· Development of technologies of construction materials and products

· Research in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency in buildings and structures

· Testing and quality control of construction materials and products

· Development and application of modern physico-chemical methods of assessment of building structures and means of their protection

· Research in the field of dry construction mixtures

2. Institute of Integrated Safety in Construction

· Product certification for compliance with fire safety requirements (ГОСТ Р and EN standards)

· Development of projects of explosion proof of buildings and structures

· Pilot studies in the field of fire safety

· Design of the systems of fire safety

· Estimation of risks at dangerous industrial objects

· Studies of the explosive-stability of buildings and constructions

· Creation of methodic of evaluation of the explosive-technical characteristics of substances and materials

· Inspection, examination and the certification tests of production and constructions in the location of industrial safety

· Introduction of technologies of production safety

· Examination of the conformity assessment of buildings and structures to BREEAM international standard

· Support of projects in the correspondence with Germans tandards of sustainable construction (DGNB)

· Life cycle (LCA) and building life cycle cost (LCC) estimation

3. Institute of Examination and Engineering

· Scientific and technical support for designing

· Scientific and technical support for construction

4. Science Education Center of Computer Simulation of Unique Building Structures and Facilities

· Computer modeling of the stress-strain state of structures

· Modeling the behavior of unique structures, buildings, structures and facilities

· Verification of software systems

· Examination of calculations of buildings and structures

· Training and retraining of users of software systems ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS / CivilFEM, ANSYS CFX, LS-DYNA, RobotMillennium, ABAQUS, and many others

5. Scientific and Education Center «Nanotechnologies»

· Research of development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology and their implementation in the construction industry

· Research in the field of nanomaterials and nanosystems

· Research and testing in the field of high-performance road construction materials

6. Scientific and Educational Center for Information Systems Intellectual and Automation In Construction

Research, projects, scientific and manufacturing expertise and consulting in the field:

· Intelligent building management systems, building complexes, cities and territories

· Energy and other resource efficiency

· Industry information and telecommunications systems and technologies

· Automation of architectural design and management systems in construction

· Cloud computing systems and technologies

· Geographic information systems and technologies

· Industry information and production logistics

· Project management

· Industry quality management systems

· Decision support systems

· Modeling and lifecycle management products

7. Science Education Center of Engineering Research and Monitoring of Building Structures

Monitoring sites:

· high-rise buildings with height over 75 m

· large-span structures with spans over 36 m wide

· unique structures - special design and structural systems

· bridges, dams, tunnels

· areas with seismic activity over 9 points

Items of monitoring:

· composition, size and patterns of force application

· design models of structures

· physical and mechanical properties of materials

· stress and local structural distortions

· the global three-dimensional deformations of construction

· the appearing defects and the damage

8. Scientific Educational Center «Water Supply and Water-Removal»

· Development of design solutions, process flow diagrams, methods of reconstruction and intensification of networks, systems, water supply and sanitation. Implementation of pre-, design and development work, scientific and technical support for construction, installation and commissioning works

· Testing of samples of natural and waste water

9. Scientific Educational Center «Geotechnics»

· Solving urgent problems of theoretical and applied geomechanics and geotechnics

· Solving of research, scientific, technical and technological problems in the field of theoretical and applied Geomechanics and Geotechnics

· Laboratory testing of soil - compression, shear and triaxial tests with static and cyclic vibration loads

· Computer modeling of the stress-strain state of soil, enclosing an underground part of the buildings and structures in difficult geological conditions

· Design of underground parts of buildings: the excavation enclosure, shallow and deep foundations, dewatering and drainage

· Scientific support for the projects and the construction of the underground parts of buildings and structures - technical inspection of buildings and structures, geotechnical monitoring during construction and after the end of the work

10. Scientific Research Center «Translucent Structures»

· Examination, expertise and pre-project research of buildings and structures with large-square translucent structures Expertise of projects and monitoring of buildings and structures

· Quality control and determination of the actual characteristics of window designs on stage operation and delivery to construction sites

· Determination of the strength properties of translucent structures

· Determination of operational reliability and safety of translucent structures

· Determination of thermal protection and lighting characteristics of translucent structures

11. Expert and Diagnostic Testing Center of Building Structures

· Solving urgent problems of quality control of building structures and materials

· Conducting static and dynamic tests of elements of building construction

· Technical inspection of buildings and structures

· Development of techniques for the actual work of construction elements

· Static and dynamic testing of large-scale structures with the load up to 500 tons

12. Scientific and Research Laboratory of Hydraulic Structures

· Study of wave loads on marine and storage structures

· Study of ice loads on offshore structures

· Research of deformability and stability of offshore structures on the ground basement

13. Scientific Research Laboratory Inspection and Reconstruction of Buildings and Structures»

· Diagnosis and definition of physical deterioration of building structures

· Quality control of building structures and materials

· Monitoring the technical condition and the deformation behavior of buildings and structures

· Development of technologies for inspection, monitoring, and research

· Performance of static and dynamic tests of building structures

· Computer modeling of the stress-strain state of structures

· Design solutions for the reconstruction

· Geodetic engineering and geological engineering

· Projects examinations

14. Educational Research and Production Laboratory of Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Tests of Buildng Construction

· Aerodynamics and aero acoustics of structures, buildings and structures

· Aerodynamics and aeration urban district development plans mass housing

· Use of renewable energy sources in urban areas

15. Scientific Research and Testing Center “MGSU STORY-TEST”

· Testing of building materials

· Scientific and technical support of concrete and finishing work

· Development of regulation documents and standards

16. Scientific and Technical Center “Expertise, Design and Survey”

· Survey of buildings and structures

· Design of foundations

· Expertise of project documentation and engineering survey results

· Evaluation of real estate objects

· Scientific and technical support of construction

17. Scientific and Technical Center “Explosion Stability”

· Development of measures to ensure explosion safety and stability of industrial, transport, civil and energy facilities

· Development of measures to decrease damage of terrorist explosion

· Development of regulation documents on explosion safety and stability

· Research of wave propagation during destruction of hydraulic structures

18. Scientific Technical and Educational Center of Investigation, Diagnostics and Monitoring of Buildings and Structures

· Survey of buildings and structures

· Geological investigation

· Geophysical, hydrogeological and ecological research

· Scientific and technical support of construction and erection work

· Analysis of vibration actions

19. Scientific and Innovative Center of Engineering, Computer-Aided Design and Information Technologies

· Survey, diagnostics and monitoring of buildings and structures

· Geodesic, geological and geotechnical investigation

· Research of reliability of buildings and structures

20. Scientific and Industrial Center “Industrial High Rise Work”

· Survey and monitoring of high-rise buildings

· Testing of equipment for industrial high rise work

· Development of projects on execution of high-rise work

· Development of regulation documents on high rise work execution

21. Design and Engineering Department

· Geodesic, geological, geotechnical and ecological investigations

· Preparatory works for development of project documentation: architectural projects, reconstruction projects, projects on construction works e.t.c.

22. Scientific and Research Laboratory “Testing station”

· Structural assessment in service

· Investigation of additional bearing capacity

· Research of building materials

· Structural design

23. Laboratory of Legal Expertise in Construction

· Pre-trial expertise

· Implementation of expertise

24. Scientific and Research Laboratory “Reliability and Seismic Stability of Structures”

· Calculation of special load combinations

· Scientific and technical support of design and construction

· Seismic monitoring of buildings and structures

· Development of regulation documents on seismic design

25. Scientific and Research Institute of Experimental Mechanics

· Monitoring of structures influenced by dynamic loads

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