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Student Science Days 2020

Student Science Days 2020
On March 2-06, 2020, an intra-university student scientific and technical conference will be held at the MGSU based on the results of students' research work for 2019/2020. "Days of student science." The conference is held with the aim of supporting and developing the creative research potential of students, attracting them to active research activities.

The objectives of the Conference: 
  • Involving students in research activities, familiarization with the solution of problems of practical importance;
  • Teaching students the skills of independent work on the study of materials in academic disciplines that go beyond curricula and programs;
  • Improving the quality of training of highly qualified specialists through a creative approach to the development of additional material by students;
  • Identification and support of talented students who are interested in scientific and research activities, demonstration and promotion of the best achievements of students;
  • Identification of the best student research papers competitive in competitions, contests and other scientific events held at the federal and international levels.
For questions about participation in the conference, contact the responsible for research of departments, responsible for the scientific work of the institutes. 
  1. Natalia Fedorova, response. for the scientific work of ISA, room 514 ULK, tel. +7 (495) 287-49-14, ext. 30-92.
  2. Stanislav Sergeyev, response. for the scientific work of the IGES, room 100G ULB (REC “Geotechnika”), tel. +7 (495) 287-49-14, ext. 23-84.
  3. Tatyana Kissel, response. for the scientific work of the Institute 304 ULK, tel. +7 (495) 287-49-14, ext. 30-70.
  4. Anastasia Frolova, response. for the scientific work of the IIESM, room 324G ULB, tel. +7 (499) 183-50-56.
  5. Alla Sokolova, response. for scientific work IFO, room. 354 KMK, tel. +7 (499) 183-28-91, ext. 13-86.
  6. Alexander Aleksanin, response. for the scientific work of the Mytishchi branch, room 237, 238, tel. +7 (495) 287-49-14, ext. 17-47.
Summing up and rewarding the winners will be held March 13, 2020 in the hall of the Academic Council at 16.30.
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