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Scientific and Technical Department

Scientific and Technical Department

Research and production activities hold a special part at MGSU. Organization and coordination of this direction is implemented by Scientific and Technical Department (STD).

Transfer and commercialization of results of scientific and research activity into the engineering and manufacturing process of construction industry all over the world is a primary mission of Scientific and Technical Department.

Head: Pavel Kapyrin, PhD

Main goals of STD:

· Organization and coordination of projects, realized in the frame of science and production activity implemented by scientific departments of University;

· Development of material and technical base of University, for the purpose of securing of high level of investigation in upcoming trend of construction science;

· Development of human resource of University according to students, postgraduate students and young scientist attraction means for the solving of high technology problems, resolving in the frame of science and production activity.

In science and production activity of University take part Scientific-Research Institute (SRI) and Research-Educational Centers (REC), Scientific-Research Laboratories (SRL) and Scientific-Technical Centers (STC).

For effective use of innovative equipment for educational, science and research process and for full involvement of University’s departments MGSU has «Center for common use of innovative equipment».

The material base and personnel capacity of university corresponds to world level and allows solving the most actual and complex research and production challenges of branch within the following directions:

· Research and design of building constructions

· Construction materials and technologies

· Nanotechnologies in construction

· Computer modeling in construction

· Intelligent systems in construction

· Safety in construction (including fire, process safety, seismic and ecological safeties)

· Monitoring of the buildings and structures condition

· Aerodynamics and air acoustics in construction

· Water supply and water-removal

· Mechanics of soil, foundation engineering. Geotechnics.

· Hydraulic engineering constructions, including located on a sea shelf

· Regulatory and engineering provision for construction industry (Eurocodes)

· Energy efficiency and energy saving in construction

· Forensic engineering evaluation

· Architecture and city administration

· Automation and mechanization of the enterprises in the construction industry

· Power and special construction

· Real estate management and housing services and utilities

Academic research is carried out at 3 research institutes and 37 research laboratories, 39 research centers, as well as at many others separate multidisciplinary subdivisions of the University.

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