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Stand Multipurpose research fire furnace

09. Stand Multipurpose research fire furnace

Firing research of various structures at a stage of production and postproduction change

Preliminary evaluation of fire resistance of structures before certification tests

General specifications

· operating fire hatchway: vertical 1.5x1.5 m, horizontal 1,5x1,5 m

· height: 2 m

· max temperature is1200 0C

· automatic control of various fire operations (“time and temperature”)

· automatic control and regulation of excess pressure and oxygen level into a fire hatchway

· the stand is resistible to frequent cycles “quick heating and cooling”

· hydrocarbon temperature conditions according to EN 1363-2


· fire-prevention partitions (as well as translucent partitions)

· joints of fire-prevention partitions

· mounting units of fire-prevention equipment

· fire-prevention coatings on metal, concrete and timber

· airways, fans for smoke removal

· fire retarding valves.

Additional information:

Producer: MSUCE, Russian Federation, 2013

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