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Servo-hydraulic control console ADVANTEST-9

05 Servo-hydraulic control console ADVANTEST-9

Testing of mechanical characteristics of various building materials


· nominal power 750 W

· voltage 230 V

· dimensions: length 470 mm, width 410 mm, height 1000 mm

· total weight 120 kg

Hydraulic group

· max. working pressure: 700 bar

· max. oil delivery: 2 lpm at low pressure, 0,7 lpm at high pressure

· hydraulic ports for connection of test frames: 4

· oil flow control via servo-controlled proportional valve

· oil cooling system with forced ventilation

· 4 on/off valves with electronic control

Hardware and on board firmware

· maximum resolution: 1/524,000 divisions

· 8 input channels:4 for load sensors (load cells or pressure transducers), 4 for displacement transducers (potentiometric, LVDT amplified or analogical) and deformation transducers (clip gange, strain ganges)

Electrical characteristics of the channel conditioners:

· feed from 0,5 to 10 v dc calibrated by firmware

· single/dual ended input with automatic recognition

· input signal from -2.5 to +2.5 v dc

· zero and gain adjustable via software.

Data acquisition synchronized on all channels

8 analogical outputs corresponding to each channel for possible use of external data acquisition system

Test execution with control of: load/specific load, displacement, strain.

Additional information:

Producer: Controls (Italy), 2010

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