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Hydraulic flume of a variable inclination

18 Hydraulic flume of a variable inclination

Research in a field of hydraulics of free-flow conduits, overflow dikes, water collectors, mechanical equipment of hydraulic engineering works, hydraulics of waves


· replaceable models of various shapes, profiles and purpose

· piezometric panel

· level digital sensors

· Pitot- Prandtl gage equipped with digital display

· miniflowmeters equipped with digital displays for measuring of velocity and temperature

· precision pressure transducers


· length of working zone: 12.5 m, width 300 mm, depth 450 mm

· maximum discharge: 32 l/s

· pump power: 5.5 kW

· maximum discharge of the pump: 150 m3/h

· diameter of electromagnetic flowmeter: 100 mm

· accuracy class: 0,3

· wave oscillator frequency: up to 110 Hz

· power of oscillator frequency: 0.55 kW

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