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IREC 2020 - real challenge for MGSU students

IREC 2020 - real challenge for MGSU students

IREC 2020 - real challenge for MGSU students
In early January, the annual international competition for young architects, urban planners, developers and managers in the field of real estate management IREC (International Real Estate Challenge) was once again held. Six students from MGSU took part in competition this year:

  1. Melnikova Ekaterina ISA 5th undergraduate course (participated for team Valencia)
  2. Bovkun Elizaveta ISA 1st year of master's program (participated for team Madrid)
  3. Karnaukhova Daria IEUIS 4th year undergraduate (participated for team Milan)
  4. Krasnov Innokenty IEUIS 2nd year master course (participated for team Berlin)
  5. Kutsaya Maria IEUIS 2nd year of master's program (participated for team Barcelona)
  6. Berseneva Anastasia ISA 3rd year undergraduate (participated for team Prague)
The competition traditionally takes place in three stages: 

  • At the first stage, participants from Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Russia gathered in the host city (in 2020 it was Milan), were divided into teams and received a necessary for work information in the form of lectures, workshops and consultations with teachers.
  • At the second stage, each team went to the city designated by the organizers to carry out the tasks of the competition, while the composition of the teams is determined from the condition that none of the participants can work in their own city.
  • At the third stage, all participants gathered again in Milan to complete and formalize the results of the work, presentation of the competition projects and summing up the results of the competition.

Valancia taem
IREC 2020 participants

The winner of the IREC 2020 was Dublin team. Their project was most sufficient and worked out in detail in accordance with the task of the competition.

However, MGSU student Ekaterina Melnikova, who showed herself perfectly during the work on the competitive project as part of the team Valencia, was especially prideful. Here is the feedback we received from the curator of the team Valencia, Elena De la Posa (Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration and Management, Polytechnic University of Valencia): 
“Ekaterina really surprised me! She is a talented student. You will not meet students like her every day. She is interested in everything and she wants to know absolutely everything that surrounds her, and this is amazing. She is good in terms of teamwork, but she works amazingly on her own, she takes responsibility and the initiative! She has very good technical skills and her English was also very good. But her interests are connected not only with the competitive project! I talked about one conference that I organize each year, and she expressed her interest in participating by sending an article.”

Congratulations to the Valencia team for reaching the finals among the top three teams of IREC 2020!

In conclusion, I would like to note all those who helped ensure the work of the Moscow team under the guidance of the curator of the senior lecturer of Architecture department Natalya Alexandrovna Pushkina.

The management of MGSU greatly appreciates the head of the “Regens International” company Alessandro Allesio, director of public relations of the Corporation AND Mikhail Rychagov, who organized and conducted an excellent tour at the Amalteya business center in Skolkovo.

Thanks to cooperation with company "Montazh-Invest", students were able to visit the "Preo8" business center, which was built to the highest standards of a modern office building. We thank Alesia Melnikova and Vyacheslav Gorbey, who accompanied the group and provided comprehensive information for further work on the project, for organizing this visit.

Moscow team
Milan team
Barcelona team

The most important result of participation in IREC is a unique experience of teamwork, cooperation with specialists from various fields from different countries of Europe. We hope that each year the number of participants from MGSU will constantly increase!

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