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Russian-German Forum of University Science

Russian-German Forum of University Science

Russian-German Forum of University Science
On December 2, 2019, MISIS National University of Science and Technology launched the Russian-German University Science Forum. The event was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation with contributions made by the coordinators of the German-Russian Year of Higher Education Cooperation and Science, including MISIS National University of Science and Technology and DWIH German House of Science and Innovation in Moscow. A panel discussion entitled “Supporting international research and development projects in Russia and Germany: the role of the university community” marked the afternoon of the first day of the event, and a delegation from the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering proved itself as its active panelists. There, NRU MGSU presented their joint projects, currently implemented in cooperation with the German partners, as well as the cooperation track record and performance. 

Representatives of the Russian and German research and educational communities, relevant government authorities and organizations headquartered in Russia and Germany also took part in the Forum. The event comprised a plenary session devoted to the anniversary of the execution of the Russian-German Roadmap of Cooperation in education, science, research and innovations, as well as a poster session of projects and events, where its contributors presented the results of their prolific cooperation with the German partner. At the Forum, Russian and German experts discussed their vision of correlation between the “university” and the “academic” research, a model of support extended to the international research community, and internationalization of the research effort at universities. 

A Meeting between the young researchers of Russia and Germany was launched within the framework of the Forum in order to further a dialogue between young Russian and German scientists. This youth-oriented platform was focused on the impact produced by internationalized research and education on young researchers’ careers. Besides, a panel discussion was dedicated to commercialization of research projects. 

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