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MGSU International Projects Office and university teachers are well experienced in different kinds of international projects. And we welcome everybody who would like to collaborate with us in different programs, including:

International Credit Mobility

1. Student mobility from MGSU to program countries. We would like to increase the mobility of bachelor, master and PhD students to program countries universities for 1 semester in all educational programs of MGSU;
2. Students mobility from program countries to MGSU. We welcome russian-speaking students to all bachelor, master and PhD programs of MGSU for one or two semesters; for english-speaking students we offer urban planning semester program. Additional modules can be offered as well. Studying other programs in English is discussed individually; 
3. Teacher mobility from program countries universities to MGSU; 
4.  Teacher mobility from MGSU to program countries universities. 

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degrees
MGSU is a very significant university in its field with a long and exciting history and  highly qualified teaching staff. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, and training programs are constantly updated to meet the constantly changing modern world.We are ready to create joint master programs as a full partner or assosiated partner. 

Capacity Building in Higher Education

MGSU took part in 2 Tempus’ projects. Now there are 3 current Capacity Building projects. MGSU is ready to actively participate in writing new proposes. Here are some of our themes. Education: education science, teacher training without subject, specialization, teacher training with subject; engineering and engineering trades: environmental protection technology, electricity and energy, electronics and automation; architecture and construction: architecture and town planning, building and civil engineering; internationalization of higher education institutions including recognition mechanisms and mobility, international relations capacities; quality assurance processes and mechanisms such as the development of mechanisms and benchmarks for quality assurance in different segments of HE (academic contents and services); Management; Innovations in construction; Green buildings and energy efficiency; Architectural heritage reconstruction and conservation; Modern educational technics for engineering students, Online tools for HE: mobility, support education. 
MGSU is the main institution of International Association of Educational Civil Engineering Institutions (ASV). ASV includes about 150 members from all over the CIS countries and takes part in some of the CBHE projects. 

Strategic Partnership & Knowledge Alliances
Russian universities could become a participant of these kinds of projects only by the invitation from EU University. We will be glad to take a part in these projects in the frames of out university’s activity directions so feel free to send your invitations to us. 

Jean Monnet
Jean Monnet NetworksMGSU already has a big experience in Jean Monnet Projects and Jean Monnet Modules. That is the reason for us to be interested in creating Jean Monnet Networks. If you have any idea for cooperation with us, please let us know.


MGSU took part in this program. Possibilities: long-term and short term students mobility (from Finland to Russia, from Russia to Finland), teacher mobility (from Finland to Russia, from Russia to Finland), intensive courses (based In Russia). We will be happy to renew this experience and become a part of this project again so we are waiting for your offers.

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