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April 13, 2019

Many foreign students study at MGSU. Therefore, representatives of embassies and foreign ministries, responsible for the training of the knowledge workforce in their countries, come to the university quite often. On April 12, 2019, a high-ranking delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan made a visit to MGSU.

The delegation was composed of the representatives of the Embassy of Afghanistan in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and Chancellor of the Kabul Polytechnic University. At the meeting, the Russian side was represented by Andrey Volkov, Acting Rector of MGSU, Natalia Samotesova, Head of Department for Coordination of International Cooperation, lecturers and employees of the University.

The foreign guests were greeted by Andrey Volkov, Acting Rector of MGSU. He spoke about the history of the University, its plentiful traditions, and he also remarked that the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering was the only institution of higher education, specializing in civil engineering and architecture, that was awarded the status of a National Research University.

Prof. Mohammad Sayeed Kakar, Chancellor of the Kabul Polytechnic University, said: “Our University was established in the 60ies of the past century, which was marked by the friendly relations with the Soviet Union. Initially, the university had merely two faculties: the faculty of natural resources and the faculty of civil engineering. As the time progressed, their number reached ten. Before the arrival of the 90ies we had trained postgraduate students. But because of the war, the university’s teaching standards deteriorated. It is only now that we regain the prior standards. The training programs of our universities are similar. That’s why we need your assistance and support. It may be implemented in the form of joint research projects. We need to improve the qualification of our lecturers. Given the fact that most of our lecturers studied in the USSR, and our university was initially modeled after the Russian higher education institutions, it will be easy to implement.”

It is noteworthy that Professor Mohammad Sayeed Kakar is an architect; he obtained his degree in Kabul. Therefore, he highly appreciates his visit to the leading Russian university of civil engineering. He emphasized that following the years of war, the profession of a civil engineer was in demand in Afghanistan, and many graduates occupied respected places in the society. Prof. Mohammad Sayeed Kakar also said that the Afghan students were to complete the qualification tests, the results of which could be used back home.

The talks ended with the execution of the cooperation agreement between the universities. After that, the employees of the Department for Coordination of International Cooperation arranged a tour of the University for the foreign guests. As part of the tour, the guests visited the research laboratories of the university and its major wind channel lab. At the end of the visit, the foreign guests met with the students from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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