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Public Lecture Delivered by Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU

Public Lecture Delivered by Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU

Public Lecture Delivered by Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU

On February 12, Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU, delivered a public lecture entitled “Green building. Why green standards?” in the university’s conference hall. In the present-day world, environmental protection turns particularly relevant for a number of technological, economic, agricultural, and even social reasons.


Environmental safety is significant for construction projects at the stage of generation of the living environment. It is no wonder that special attention is drawn to the issues of environmental protection and green building at the leading Russian university of civil engineering. In the course of the lecture, Valery Telichenko, President, MGSU, focused his attention on environment-related issues: “Presently, construction is no simple erection of buildings and structures, rather, it deals with the development of living and working environments. They must be comfortable, safe, power-saving, waste-free; they need to be preserved for future generations. Only if these conditions are fulfilled, green building is possible.” He made a point that today any construction project was to reduce the impact produced on humans and the environment at the stages of construction and operation of buildings.


Green building is accompanied by numerous myths. For example, it is said to boost the cost of construction. In the course of the public lecture, Valery Telichenko made the following comment in this respect: “It’s a mistake to think that green building is expensive. Evidently, initial capital expenditures go up, but later they get compensated in the first years of operation, depending on the technologies applied and the type of a building constructed.”


Valery Telichenko spoke about the amount of work performed by the university in the area of green technologies and their standardization. MGSU has developed the first national green standards together with the Technical committee on standardization TC 366 “Green environmental technologies and innovative green products.” These standards were approved by the order of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology on January 15, 2019, and they took effect on February 1, 2019.


At the public lecture, a supplementary vocational education programme was officially launched for students and graduates of Russian universities. The programme is entitled BREEAM Approved Graduate. It was developed by MGSU in cooperation with the Russian council on environmental construction and BRE Academy (UK).


The programme is customized for Russian institutions of higher education with account for practical green building in the Russian Federation. Any programme graduate an internationally recognized certificate. Students of MGSU found green building particularly interesting, some of them expressed willingness to earn degrees in this area of knowledge and to take a free BREEAM Approved Graduate course.


The public lecture was broadcast online by several universities, including the St.Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, the Perm National Research University and the Grozny State Oil Technical University named after Academician M.D. Millionschikov. After the lecture, the President of MGSU met with the journalists of a television channel and answered their questions.


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