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The New 2019 Year greetings from the rector Andrey Volkov

The New 2019 Year greetings from the rector Andrey Volkov

The New 2019 Year greetings from the rector Andrey Volkov
Dear colleagues and friends, students and graduates of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering!
With all my heart I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
These December days are the traditional time for each of us to look back and make plans for the future. 

The present-day development of the construction science, the education systems in our country and at our university is pre-determined by global and national technological, resource-oriented, infrastructural and economic challenges posed to the social progress of the contemporary society.

The focus and pace of the technological progress, the multidisciplinary nature of the present-day research have demonstratively proven the validity and timeliness of the goal that was set five years ago and consisted in the university’s strategic position at the new level of academic and professional competencies in the area of constructive activities. 

Relevant objectives consisting in the establishment of a digital national economy, new requirements applying to the technological efficiency and use of resources, safety, comfort and standards of living referring to individuals and the society have transferred our university into the centre of the new area of knowledge, that is, a comprehensive understanding of constructive activities, a new convergent paradigm of “a smart city”.

This year our university has completed its initial five-year transition period on the way from quantitative transformations to qualitative growth.
Our team has made a true breakthrough in respect of multiple key indicators. 

We have confidently confirmed our ambitions for academic leadership in the domestic construction industry; moreover, we have strengthened our position as a principal Russian university of technology, a leader of Russia’s innovative development.

Today we are proactively engaged in the scientific research in all traditional and numerous new areas of knowledge. It has taken us five years to take the lead in terms of the publication activity in Russia, to climb up to the thirtieth position in Scopus and to the tenth position in Web of Science, as far as the absolute values of professional publications are concerned. Our successes and performance have made a substantial contribution into our academic potential, human resources and infrastructure on the way to our strategic goal. For the first time in our age-long history we are ready to enter the league which is new to us. 

We act now and forever to get a toehold in the new academic environment of advanced and future-oriented professional competencies, prospective labour markets, a new network of universities which is being compiled right now in order to determine the strategic sustainability, technological and social advancement of our country for dozens of years to come. We have done a lot, although much more is to be done. 

I am sincerely grateful to my colleagues, friends and partners for their cooperation and support; I am sure that all our joint present and future projects will be a success. 

Dear colleagues and friends, 
Please accept my most sincere wishes of good health, happiness and love from your close ones, stability and well-being. 

Let the New Year bring us warm heartedness, professional and creative harmony between our ambitions and feelings.

Merry Christmas! 
See you next year!

Andrey Volkov


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