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The European Forum of Graduates 2018

The European Forum of Graduates 2018

The European Forum of Graduates 2018
On March 24, 2018, the Russian House of Science and Culture (RHWK) in Berlin hosted the European Forum of Graduates 2018 “Energy Resources, Technology and Social Changes”, organized by Go East Generationen e.V (GEG), the society of German residents - graduates of the Russian and Soviet higher education institutions.

The Forum events were attended by the representatives of non-profit organizations, higher education institutions; politicians, researchers, cultural professionals and businessmen. International problems of energy, technologies for their resolution, prospects of application of renewable sources of energy and “smart” power grids were discussed at the plenary session and in the course of roundtable discussions. 

The Forum comprised four seminars on different aspects of power engineering: 

A. Power technologies today and in the future 
B. Smart power grids and energy accumulation 
C. Energy application – electric energy – heat – transport 
D. Energy turnover: man and society 

Particular attention was drawn to the technologies applied to serve the energy turnover and energy accumulation methods. The Forum was attended by Elena Sergeevna Gogina, Vice-Rector of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Darya Viktorovna Abramkina, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Heat/Gas Supply and Ventilation, MGSU, and German graduates of the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering – Moscow University of Civil Engineering. 

Darya Abramkina delivered a report on “Energy Management in Smart Houses” within the framework of the roundtable discussion “Energy application – electric energy – heat – transport”. In particular, she spoke about the international power consumption trends in construction and operation of buildings, the assimilation of the energy management system designated for the monitoring of the environmental performance of industrial enterprises, and about the effective management of fuel and power resources. Her report was followed by the animated discussion of national and regional standards for the energy inspection of buildings and the introduction of systems of energy management. 

Elena Gogina, Vice-Rector of MGSU, spoke at the plenary session. She delivered an address on behalf of Andrey Anatolyevich Volkov, Rector of MGSU, which was designated for the attendees and organizers of the Forum events. 

Concurrently with the academic seminars, the exhibition entitled “The Exchange of Projects” was held in the hall of the Russian House of Science and Culture (RHWK). It featured educational and international cooperation programmes implemented by MGSU.
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