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Hereby the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering presents its novel brand, symbolizing a new level of its professional responsibility

 On the first of September, the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU, the University), a leader of the Russian civil engineering education and research, will open its doors to over three thousand and five hundred freshman students and present its novel brand to academic and research communities. This brand portrays the University’s higher standard of intellectual potential and professional responsibility with a view to the qualitative development of its creative activity.
Today NRU MGSU proactively shapes a new civil engineering paradigm; it also presents an integrated development programme (the Programme) that positions the University not only as a traditional construction industry player but also as a leading Russian university of technology, capable of assuming a wider range of professional responsibilities, not limited to the process of construction. This new range of responsibilities applies to the whole life cycle of civil engineering systems, including project planning, project design, development, operation and use to make sure that Russian citizens have a high quality, safe, and efficient environment; in fact, now we are the University of advanced creativity. 
The Programme facilitates the mainstream development of new areas of research, including those associated with advanced digital technologies and information modeling, future-oriented structures and materials, “extreme” and specialized (“Arctic”) technologies, intelligent systems, additive technologies, biotechnologies, resources-, communications- and information-based logistics, system engineering, social and psychological analysis of man and society, etc. 
The University explores new unique cross-disciplinary areas of training; it launches educational programs for all levels of studies and fills them with the spirit of creativity. NRU MGSU is proactive in introducing advanced methodologies for the development of so-called “trans-professional” competencies (systems thinking, communication skills, team and project management, decision making and risk assessment, effective production, IT competence, etc.), and it takes advantage of the whole range of digital educational technologies, thus, shaping a new polytechnic model of the educational space as the basis for the qualitative development of the new understanding of the construction industry in compliance with contemporary and future-oriented social and sci-tech trends. On top of our traditionally relevant areas of training, the University has launched new integrated top-priority areas of study, including architecture, urban planning, restructuring and restoration of the architectural legacy, digital economy and technology, information modelling, and efficient operation of buildings/groups of buildings. 
The University research encompasses (a) the proactive development of applied thematic studies at the new level of interrelation with an immediate influence on the real sector of the industrial economy; (b) the broad applicability of research findings in practical activities, performed by experts and researchers; in rule-making, consulting, operating/future-oriented analytics, and strategic planning. These actions are to develop the University into a national center for research in field-specific competencies. 
Today NRU MGSU is in the process of qualitative development, and it will follow the pattern of a contemporary university of international standard. At the beginning of the new academic year, the University focuses its attention on this idea by introducing a new set of elements, symbolizing the University’s identity, including an original logo, a palette of the University colours, original graphics, a set of notions underlying the key slogans, etc. The new identity will help the University to develop new conceptions, emotions, associations, and professional benchmarks today and in the future. 

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