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Semester Program "Sustainable Urban Design"

Semester Program "Sustainable Urban Design"

Semester Program "Sustainable Urban Design"
        Moscow State University of Civil Engineering opens a new semester program in English language: "Sustainable Urban Design"  The program is oriented to students obtaining master degree in the fields of Urban planning, Architecture, and Construction.   
       This semester Program for master students aims to generate a cohesive picture of sustainable urban environments as well as to provide the students and practitioners with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to manage urban development in urbanized areas.

The Program of this worldwide oriented module aims to train the practical skills and abilities and gain a thorough understanding of planning and design practice of sustainable urban environments. The program prepares city planners who will be able to manage the modern processes in the urban environment from humanistic and aesthetic point of view in order to provide a good quality of life, fulfilment of the aims of democracy, spatial justice, and long-term sustainable development of the urban environment.

The Program provides thorough understanding of town planning aspects for sustainable urban environments. In the course of the Program learning it is studied and conducted a comprehensive analysis of the model of the urban environment, characterized by biosphere compatibility, energy and resource efficiency, needs of the inhabitants, living comfort, ability to develop over time, ecological compatibility, efficiency.  It  carries the analysis of basic urban life-support systems and of the principles of urban planning, architectural and spatial composition aimed for the creation of comfortable macro-and microenvironment. The Program takes under consideration the basic models of the development of settlements, their life cycle and development characteristics, as well as intelligence systems, applied when planning and monitoring for urban sustainable development.

Complex knowledge will enable future specialists to make responsible decisions for spatial planning, urban planning, zoning of territories, architectural and construction design, construction and operation taking into account not only technical, but also social and humanitarian aspects of urban functioning and create a stable, sustainable and comfortable environment.

Contents of the program:


Urban sustainability


Sustainable urban and territorial planning


Sustainable engineering support of urban territories


Sustainable transport systems and urban mobility


Sustainable urban transportation  


Sustainable urban architecture


«Green» building


Social aspects of sustainable urban development


Sustainable urban energy efficiency  


Sustainable construction object life cycle 

  • Training formfull-time
  • Credits: 30  / 1080 hours
  • The cost of training: contact inter@mgsu.ru 
  • Training schedule:  18 weeks

   Admission requirements for students:  a student with general knowledge of bachelor level of education in one of the areas: Urban planning, Architecture,  Construction,  PC using skills, Office software and one of the  graphics editor (ex. Autocad Autodesk, Coral Draw, etc.)

   Documents required for admission:

  • Agreement for study
  • Application form
  • CV
  • Medical conclusion and tests for HIV and AIDS
  • 8 photos (3 * 4)
  • Copy of passport, with notarized translation into Russian language
  • Copy of education document, with notarized translation into Russian language
  • Original of education document


Payment procedure:

  • the payment can done in university in the Centre for International Education, office 201 A,

phone: +7(499)-929-50-12, E-mail: inter@mgsu.ru  


Upon successful completion, students receive transcript of records.


Inquiries and entry for training:

phone: +7(499)-929-50-12, E-mail: inter@mgsu.ru


Please check if you need visa to entry Russian federation for study. We provide visa support for applicants.

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