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The graduation party for students of the preparatory courses

The graduation party for students of the preparatory courses

The graduation party for students of the preparatory courses

The graduation party for students of the preparatory faculty was held on June 29 in student's club of NRU MGSU.  More than 80 graduates received their certificates on training in a nice festive atmosphere. Each of them had also the letter "To the graduate" with wishes of well-being, creative achievements, development and prosperity signed by the vice rector E. S. Gogina

Many of our remarkable graduates received certificates and the diplomas "For Active Participation and a Personal Contribution in the Socially Significant Activities Devoted to Harmonise the International Relations", special achievements in the student Olympic Games, for victories in competitions. Each graduate received some gifts from the University. There were told many words of gratitude and love to graduates from the administration of our Higher Education Institution, teachers and, of course, the word of gratitude from the students themselves. Elena Sergeyevna Gogina congratulated the graduates, she told that doors of the university are always open for them for the further training, and gave a farewell speech advising to continue further education - "Study intelligently!". Of course, all good once comes to an end. Someone from you will continue training in NRU MGSU, and someone will return to your home country, but anyway, the gained knowledge and experience will help you to use your potential in the modern world. 

The head of the Department for Coordination of International Cooperation Samotesova Natalia Vladimirovna wished to graduates to keep all that vital, kind and positive experience that they got in the University and wished them success on all further way. 

The Head of Russia as a Foreign Language department Svetlana Nikolaevna Belukhina congratulated graduates on behalf of all group of teachers, sincerely wished them to learn Russian further. 

The acting director of CMO UKMS Tolstykh Elena Sergeyevna wished to students to keep being that smart, talented and happy. She thanked all graduates for their diligence and hard work during the course. 

The chairman of the student Interclub Rima Petrosyan congratulated students and I wished them success. "In NRU MGSU you have got many friends from the different countries, and I hope that you will maintain these relations throughout all your life." 

This special day came to the end with a concert of preparatory course participants. Graduates sang solos, duets and chorus, the guitar and a drum sounded, the real drama spectaculars were played on the stage. The audience listened with delight the love poems which were read in Russian by students of the preparatory department. And in end of the evening – the general photo, a tea drinking and International disco party. Nobody wanted the party was over. It was sad to say goodbye. 

Safe travels to you, dear graduates!


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