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The Memorandum of understanding in ecological safety is signed.

The Memorandum of understanding in ecological safety is signed.

The Memorandum of understanding in ecological safety is signed.

The document was signed by the president of NRU MGSU Valery Telichenko and the director of stability of the BRE company who also act as a developer of system of buildings ecological assessment at BREEAM, Martin Taunsed.

The memorandum purpose - the support and development of an ecological safety during the processes of design, construction, operation and reconstruction of buildings and constructions in Russia.

The parties consider necessary to inform various target groups on benefits of use of system of territories ecological assessment, the infrastructure and buildings allowing to estimate profitability, ecological compatibility, safety and comfort of the buildings and constructions and the cities developed areas.

Feature of the BREEAM system is the technique of awarding points on several levels concerning aspects of health and safety, an environmental impact and comfort.

The president of NRU MGSU Valery Telichenko noted that this system was already applied in Russia for Olympic constructions, and it is now applied on the sporting venues which are under construction for the FIFA World Cup of 2018. In total in Russia there are already certified on BREEAM about 60 various types of construction objects and not only the sports ones. "The system is not Russified at the moment, so the appraisers use it in an original version in English. The BRE company made the decision to russificat it. However it is not enough to just translate it, there is a question of terminology use, its harmonization taking into account the Russian specifics. It is about creation of national system, and BRE is ready to assist us with this challenge. Our work is supported by government institutions of Great Britain, we also hope that we will find support from state structures in Russia to", - Valery Telichenko concluded.

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