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NRU MGSU celebrated 95th Anniversary of its founding

NRU MGSU celebrated 95th Anniversary of its founding

NRU MGSU celebrated 95th Anniversary of its founding

The largest technical university in Russia, the flagship of the Russian education in construction sphere, NRU MGSU celebrated its 95th anniversary on 1st November. The celebrations began with a solemn meeting of the Academic Council, which was opened by the rector Andey Volkov.

  Andrey Volkov told about the rich traditions and history of NRU MGSU. He spoke about the important events in the MGSU development in the period of formation, pre-war, war and postwar years. Andrey Volkov noted very important period in the MGSU life, its period is associated with the name of Valery Telichenko. Valery Telichenko was Rector of the University from 2003 to 2013 and now is the first president of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

  Andrey Volkov said: "Today our University is 95 years old - it is an occasion to draw some conclusions and concentrate to a very serious 100th anniversary. Today we have more than 130 thousand of graduates who are the glory and pride of the construction industry in our country and abroad. No matter where I can meet MGSU graduates, we are one big, happy family". Also Rector reminded that we have gone though the most difficult period of the MGSU recent history associated with the educational system reforms, changes of views on the universities structure in Russia. "We met the challenges successfully. It will only be a success in the future, I will make efforts to our professors and teachers work better and easier "- Rector finished his speech.

Professors, teachers and university staff who make a huge contribution to the MGSU development were awarded medals. Memorable moment of the solemn MGSU Academic Council meeting was PhD diploma delivery ceremony, as well as ceremony of I, II and III degree medals distribution.

The meeting of MGSU foreign graduates.

Also NRU MGSU held a solemn meeting of MGSU foreign graduates with the participation of Europe universities, CIS universities and higher education institutions from different regions of Russia, including the Donbass. Foreign guests and universities wish a lot of warm words to our university. NRU MGSU and German universities have close and productive relationships Rector of the Bauhaus-University Karl Boyke noted that German university and NRU MGSU has built the most professional, mutually beneficial relationship. Our Anniversary was visited by 22 guests from Germany - members of the delegations from various universities. Also NRU MGSU was congratulated by university from Asia, Northland and CIS countries. Vietnam, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Slovakia appreciated the contribution that our University has made in building the science around the world.

Vice-president of the Union of Armenians in Russia Herman S. Ananyants congratulated the University staff and gave to Andrey Volkov the highest award of the Union of Armenians in Russia - the Golden Cross for public activities for the peace and harmony maintenance and for great contribution to the Armenian-Russian cooperation in the field of science.

  Anniversary day ended with grandiose concert and fireworks.

Honored guests came to congratulate NRU MGSU: Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation A.B.Povalko, First Deputy Minister of construction and housing - communal services of the Russian Federation L.O.Stavitsky, First Deputy Minister of the building complex of the Moscow region A. Kupriyanov, State Duma Deputy V. Resin, the head of the Moscow construction department A.Yu. Bochkarev, Auditor of the Accounts Chamber Yu.V. Roslyak.

After the concert, area in front of the university building was painted in bright colors of fireworks, that was the final touch of Anniversary celebration.

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A solemn meeting of the Academic Council

Meeting of Association of Educational Civil Engineering Institutions

Meeting with foreign delegations

The award ceremony. Festive concert

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