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Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project. "Migration processes and urban design: EU experience"575378-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-PROJECT

Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module. "Intercultural Europe: Urban Planning Based on the Principles of Social Integration" (IEUP), 2015-2018. 
Realization of the project
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The University takes part in the programmes of the European Union such as Horizon 2020, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus programmes, as well as in many international projects and programmes, implemented with the support of the european funds, agencies, embassies and many others.

Project “Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks”

The project started in January 2013, when it was signed the agreement on strategic partnership in the framework of the "Strategic partnerships and thematic networks" programme between Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Russia) and the Bauhaus - University of Weimar (Germany) funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The project will last 4 years (until December 31, 2016)

Progress report for work on the basis of MGSU (MSUCE) in 2015

Progress report for on the basis of Bauhaus - University of Weimar in 2015

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