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Code / Specialty profile

Full-time education

Admission tests (exams)

Entering on a contract basis

prices in 2019

RUB/per year



07.04.01 «Architecture»

Program: Architecture

224 000

Written exam of creative orientation


07.04.04 «Town planning»

Program: Town planning

224 000

Professional orientation exam


08.04.01 «Civil engineering»


- Water supply and Water Disposal of Cities and Industrial Enterprises    

- Operation Technologies of Housing and Utilities Complex

- Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency in Buildings   

- Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation

224 000

Professional orientation exam

- Industrial and Civil Engineering   

- Material Science in Civil Engineering

- Technologies and Organization of Construction

Professional orientation exam

- Construction of Thermal and Atomic Power Industry Structures                           

- Hydraulic Engineering   

- Geotechnics

Professional orientation exam

- Serveying: System Analysis of the Land-and-Property Complex Managment                           

- Forensic Construction-and-Technical  and Value Examinations of Real Estate   

- Development in Investment and Construction Sector

- Value Enineering

Professional orientation exam

- Building Information Modeling in Construction                      

- Smart City and Technologies 

224 000

Professional orientation exam


09.04.01 «Computer Science and Engineering»

Program: Simulation of automated information processing systems, control and design in civil engineering 

224 000

Professional orientation exam


15.04.03 «Applied Mechanics»

Program: Mechanics of deformable solids

224 000

Professional orientation exam


38.04.01 «Economy»

Program: Economy of investment and construction sector

201 000

Professional orientation exam


38.04.02 «Managment»

Program: Financial management at the enterprises of the investment and construction sphere

201 000

Professional orientation test


38.04.10 «Housing services and communal infrastructure»

Program: Management of housing development and modernization of communal infrastructure

201 000

Professional orientation exam


For more information please refer to the webpage: "List of educational programs / Перечень образовательных программ".

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